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Vitamin C
Posted by Robert (Ca) on 10/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Treatment of 68yr old male with first occurance of purpura on hands & legs with the following: divided doses of vit-C powder as non-gmo sodium ascorbate, 3-4grams per dose, 3-times per day & citrus bioflavonoid complex 1-2 capsules, (700-1400mgs), with each dose of vit-C. Initially for 1-week, included yarrow tea, (may sub with tincture), & topical applications with natural vit-E mixed tocopherols, as needed. Purpura cleared in 1-week, all areas.

After the 2nd week, one spot returned. Suggested blood lab for platelet count & awaiting results. Consulted with licensed NMD who suggested possible chemical sensitivities panel such as ELISA, etc. Client unwilling to perform 'chem-sens' testing & possibly after platelet count results. I will advise results when confirmed.

Note: about 85% of vit-C is gmo corn based from China. Non-gmo is avail online or health food stores & labeled as such. Doses are based on bowel tolerance. If loose bowel, reduce dosage to comfort level. Sodium ascorbate is buffered, non-acidic, & will not affect "salt restricted diets" as no chlorides are present.

Vitamin C
Posted by Barbara (Bay Harbor Islands, Florida ) on 11/26/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter had ITP from age 5 to age 11. I read a posting in 2005 that a woman who had ITP started taking 1000 mg of vitamin C a day and got cured. As a desperate mother tired of seen her little girl cry every time she needed the infusions I decided to give it a try and give my daughter 500 mg of vitamin C everyday before her next appointment. The reason I choose to give her 500 mg of vitamin C over the 1000 mg a day the person suggested was because my daughter was not an adult.

The person who wrote the posting also mentioned that it was important to drink a lot of water in order not get kidney stones from the high dosage of vitamin C. To make a long story short when they check her platelet counts 10 days later they were normal. We went back a month later and she was fine. Up to this day I THANK GOD for that person who shared the information about the vitamin C cure for low platelet counts.

I pray that you will also find a cure. God bless you.