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Borax, Beets
Posted by Mel (Blind Bay, B.C. Canada) on 06/16/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I developed ITP a few years back. I believe it was triggered by the 'fire season' we now experience where the air is so thick from fire pollutants that you feel like you can't breathe. I had pneumonia twice, back to back, after one particularly bad fire season. I also have malignant tumors on my instep of both feet which I have been trying to cure for years.

On this journey I discovered Borax/Boron. One of its MANY functions in the body is to balance the hormones by activating the parathyroid. It was after 10 months of taking Borax/Boron and many improvements in my body that I noticed that the red dots I had developed all over my body were fading and disappearing. I can now happily shave my legs and not worry that nicking one of these red dots will cause me to bleed for hours.

I should also add that I started taking Beet Crystals on a very sporadic basis as my taste buds desired. These crystals are like candy so I don't take them everyday. This combination has worked miracles for me in reducing and eliminating the red dots that I believe people should take as a warning sign.

Have a healthy happy life.