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Insect Bite Remedies

Borax or Vitamin A
Posted by Robert S. (USA) on 06/22/2022
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Try consuming a little borax in water, insects die if they eat anything with even a tiny amount of it in anything they eat, in your case blood. It is also fatal to all insects, the reason it also acts as a repellent. I have a problem with Fungus Flies, but mixing it with water and spraying it around gets rid of them fast, but it only lasts 2-3 days.

Another thing to try is Vitamin-A. Insects hate people with higher than normal amounts in their bodies. Vodka is another thing mosquitoes hate, just mix with some water and use it in a diffuser, mix it with some coconut oil and use it on your skin.

I also noticed that no bugs will go near coconut oil & they don't like honey either. FYI... I live in the USA in the northeast.