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Bentonite Clay, Silver Ointment
Posted by Selena (South Tx) on 08/06/2016

I don't know what the heck bit me on one wrist area and the upper arm on my other arm but man, these bites were like golf balls under the skin and the itch and pain, redness and severe swelling was unbearable..

What always worked on "bites" in the past-crushed garlic/lemon juice, real iodine solution like lugols, or baking soda and vit c on and on did nothing and the area looked now like a reddened burned area and I felt really really ill and feverish and took aspirin and started to drink water nonstop..

I remembered I had some real betonite clay up in a cabinet and mixed a thick paste and made a cast on these areas -instant relief from the itching and after about an hour, i could see these areas literally oozing through the clay and the pain lessening..

So I made the clay paste and used it 4 times that day, about every 4 hours and the swelling and redness was decreasing-.

Then I remembered i had a over the counter silver ointment and put a little bit on the areas and instant relief from the itching-.

So I can definitely "vouch" for betonite clay application for a severe type of bite to reduce the swelling and draw out toxins and then the over the counter silver ointment to keep it clean and protect the skin and promote healing as it certainly did look like a scalding type of a burn on my arms..

The skin did not burst, there was no bleeding or bruising, and I am now 4 days post bite..

Still itches like u-know-what but I am definitely on the mend/resolution phase..

I still cannot figure out what bit me-but man, what a reaction I had..