Hypertension-Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by John (Trang, Thailand) on 05/30/2009
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Hello EC, Hypertension: John. [[email protected]]

Some points never addressed by doctors or pharmaceutical companies, for obvious reasons.

1.When taking BP measure, how much 'mmhg' to deduct for doctors 'white coat syndrome'?
2. How much to deduct, for the smaller stress of taking your own BP measure?
3. How much to deduct for circadian highs at - 6 a.m., 1200, 1700 p.m.?
4. How much to add due to side effects of drugs, such as, nervousness, fear, worry, anxiousness & stress?
5. How much to add for being 76 y.o. but deduct for being 52 kilos & exercise?

All doctors don't take any of this into account. It makes the difference between a good day or a stressful day.

My BP began with 2 vertigo experiences, a month apart. The second one, I went to a doctor, who frightened me with talk of strokes & heart attacks & sold me lots of drugs. From then on I was taking drugs for the last 4 years with all the side affects, plus 'inactive ingredients', which cause rebound, dependency, which is medi-speak for addiction. BP at the beginning was 160/99. Drugs got it down, around 140/80, but with odd peaks of 160/85. This last year they average around 135/83. No big deal but I continued to work on it with ECs help & recently touched 113/65. This with 10mg. a.m. Nifelat-R, a slow release Nifedipine & nothing at night. Side effects are, tremors, worry, anxiousness, stress which you have already guessed, pushes up the BP a little & you should have guessed also that 'side effects' are not - but are intentional. Paranoia? Think what you will.

My BP lows are due to one tablespoon [15mm] of Apple Cider Vinegar plus same water, plus teaspoon honey, plus 1/8 tsp. bi-carb soda [Pong Foo] 3 times a day. I like the way it froths & bubbles before I drink it. Tastes good too. Yum!

Earth Clinic, is so damn good if it was a woman, I'd marry her. John