Hyperpigmentation Treatment

| Modified on Jun 19, 2014

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Pigmentation refers to the coloring of an individual’s skin. If an individual is healthy, his or her skin will appear normal in color; however, in the case of illness or injury, an individual’s natural color may become darkened or lightened. Skin darkening caused by illness or injury is called hyperpigmentation.

While hyperpigmentation is sometimes present from birth in some individuals – in the form of a birthmark, more commonly individuals experience a darkening of the skin later in life. This darkening can present as specific spots or throughout a general area. The darkening of skin in one specific part or in a general area is the only symptom of hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation of any part of the skin is caused by an increase in the amount of melanin present in the skin. Melanin is the substance responsible for the body’s color or pigment. Several factors can affect the amount of melanin in the skin including pregnancy, Addison’s disease and increased exposure to sunlight. Hyperpigmentation may also be caused by drugs including antibiotics, antiarrhythmics and antimalarial drugs.

Natural Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Identifying the specific cause of hyperpigmentation is often necessary to determine appropriate treatment; however, several natural hyperpigmentation treatments can be effectively applied. Castor oil applied to the darkened area and then covered with a warm cloth works to lighten the affected area. Additional treatment options include turmeric, red sandalwood, lavender essential oil, frankincense and jojoba oil applied to the skin also works to reverse the darkening caused by hyperpigmentation. Continue reading below for more hyperpigmentation tips from our readers.

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Castor Oil

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Posted by Dee (Fayetteville, Georgia) on 12/02/2012

I used castor oil (cold pressed cold processed) [to get rid of hyperpigmentation]. Place a cotton swab cut to size to fit my scar on my leg. Soaked the cotton swab in the castor oil. Placed the swab on my scar and wrapped my leg with saran wrap to hold the cotton swab in place. Placed a hot rag in a bag instead of a heating pad and played in on the wrapped scar for 20mins nightly. Sometimes I wore pants and kept my leg wrapped with the soaked swab all day. Only removing for baths.. I noticed my skin color returning to normal after 2 weeks and now it 50% back to normal after 5 mths.

Drug Induced Pigmentation

Posted by Sara (Milton Keynes, Bucks, United Kingdom) on 05/22/2013

Hyperpigmentation caused by hydroxychloroquine: I have been left with dark patches on my neck and face from taking this medication temporarily for arthritis. Ted- do you have any remedies for this?

General Feedback

Posted by Nikhil (Pune, Maharashtra) on 03/27/2013

I want to remove hypepigmentaion from my face.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Ana (Singapore, Singapore) on 01/01/2010

Hi All,

I've been reading this thread for a few months now and it has really helped me in knowing there are others out there with similar experiences.

I'm 27 with caramel coloured skin and have been suffering from hyperpigmentation around my mouth area for about 15 months now. Even the MAC's foundation stick cudn hide it. It has given me a lot of heartache and I have hidden myself away because I felt so ugly. Like Daphne in the sitcom Frasier, I felt the fruit of my youth was withering on its vine.

Then, just 2 days ago, I started using Lavendar mist with Jojoba oil and the difference is breathtaking! I feel there is hope and I just had to share it here in case it cud help someone.

1) I first make a mask of turmeric and red sandalwood with yoghurt.

2) When it dries, I apply a paste of green mung beans (they are soaked overnight so that they sprout in the morning - there is higher Vit C when you do this)

3)When this dries, I scrub it off.

4) Wash my face and spray with lavendar mist.

5) When this dries/ I wipe with a cotton ball, I apply the Jojoba oil and rub it in all over my face.

The hyperpigmentation has started breaking up and fading. I am hoping it will be totally gone by next Friday. I have a wedding reception to attend and it wud be great to look lovely again!:)

It seems the ancient Egyptians used a mixture of Frankincense, Lavendar oil and Jojoba oil to heal scars and wounds. This is an article I found:

I'll check back in a week and tell you how my skin is doing. In the meantime, Happy New Year! Wish you every success and happiness in the year ahead!

Replied by Tammy
(London, Uk)

Did your pigmentation ever fade away completely? I've got hyperpigmentation over my entire face. I've had it for 7 months now and it shows no sign of fading, which is so depressing. I'll be trying this cure and will update.

Replied by Akhan
(Long Island, Ny, Usa)

Can you pls tell us what caused your pigmentation and also if you do this regime everyday. Also, amount of turmeric, sandlewood and yogurt for the mask. Will really appreciate your reply.

Replied by Kelly
(Philadelphia, Pa)

I had a really bad case of hyperpigmentation on my face last year. I did a bit of research and found that applying a paste of cinnamon and honey, faithfully for about 30 mins a day, helped the pigmentation begin return to normal quickly.

Replied by Ash

Hi ms Ana, can I ask where did you buy the jojoba oil (I'm from Singapore too)and how did you get the paste for the green beans? Did you grind it? Thank you for your help.