Hemochromatosis Remedies

Wheat Grass and Oriental Medicine
Posted by Padma (Denver, Co) on 12/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis almost two years ago, and my ferreting levels were between 1500-2000 when I was first diagnosed. My MD was very concerned and ordered two phlebotomies per week for months until we began seeing the numbers go down. While I had been feeling run down prior to treatment, the blood draws were a disaster. I would be completely dysfunctional for 2-3 days following a blood draw, couldn't climb stairs, etc. And after several weeks, my ferreting numbers didn't move more than 50-100 points. Against my doctors (strong! ) orders, I stopped doing the blood draws.

After doing a LOT of research, I found that Wheat Grass is an iron chelator. So I began making a smoothie every morning with 1-2 scoops of organic Wheat Grass juice powder and a pea protein smoothie mix. And the numbers began coming down. Added to that, I began treatments 2-3 times a month with an acupuncturist who added two formulas she had discovered work well for this disorder... 1) Tao Hong Si Wu Tang and 2) Zuo Gui Wan. The wheatgrass plus the herbs... led to my numbers coming down over a 3-4 month period... to close to 300 (from 1800! ). And in the last six months, I have been in "normal" zone. And feel great!

And after lots of research, I disagree about no vit "C". Just don't take it within 3 hours of eating, so it doesn't add to the iron uptake from the food you eat. So I take mine before I go to bed, along with Magnesium and D3. Also take methyl B vitamins in the morning to support the liver.