Gynecomastia Surgery and Natural Treatments

Posted by Matt (Tacoma, Wa) on 02/10/2015

Out of desperation I have tried turmeric capsules from WalMart. It didn't work at all. In fact, I knew it wouldn't work, I just did it just in case there was even a slight chance of it working.

No one fall for this, especially not anonymous testimonies online. Has anyone ever noticed that that are anecdotal reports of turmeric's effectiveness for treating gynecomastia, but yet, no one has ever provided documented proof? No one has before or after photos. Imagine going to a surgeon who has no proof, just anonymous testimonies regarding his effectiveness in treating gyno... it'd be hard to trust a doctor like that, wouldn't it?

Furthermore, let's apply some common sense. Take a look at bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman. The guy has slight gyno, but yet, he has around 5% bodyfat. So we know that being overweight is not his problem. So, does anyone seriously think that Coleman wouldn't know of a natural remedy if one existed (that said I don't know why he doesn't just get surgery). Or take a look at "the Rock" Dwayne Johnson. He had to get gyno surgery... does anyone seriously think the Rock wouldn't have known about a natural remedy?

I REALLY wish turmeric was real. But I'm afraid it simply isn't. My theory on those of you who think it has eliminated your gyno is that it hasn't. What has happened is that at best, it shrunk the gland and you carry enough bodyfat to no longer notice it. But if you were ever to drop your bodyfat % to less than 10%, then you'd see them sticking out again. Another possibility is that you were lucky and your gyno went away on its own, unrelated to the turmeric, which might have happened if you are still young and were finishing puberty. And of course, at worst, you're simply lying and you know it.