The Critical Role of Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease

Digestive Enzymes
Posted by Peter (Chicago) on 12/29/2021
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Art, what is your opinion on digestive enzymes? I saw (a you tuber's) demonstration using digestive enzymes which turn oat meal into almost liquid. This particular brand has ionic mineral blend in addition other enzymes. Is that an indication of good digestive enzymes?

Posted by Betty (CA) on 11/11/2021

I am interested in this as well.

Posted by Bobbi (Sacramento, CA) on 12/30/2021

I understand sodium butyrate is best; could you give some links to find a good product? I see mostly calcium butyrate.

Also, will butyrate help with HPylori?

Posted by Betty (CA) on 12/30/2021

Right now I am taking Butyrate by Healus brand. It is a complete biotic.

I have also taken another one called trybutyrate.

Rebuilding Gut Biome During Chemo
Posted by Steve (UK) on 11/22/2021

Thank you very much for that, Art. I will be buying those recommendations for sure.

Art, since I last messaged it seems the problem is infact with the liver. I would think obviously a chemo toxicity problem because the fluid build is from Ascites. I am really shocked as she was doing so well. Now she is not in a good place, she's not eating or drinking enough, quite frankly I want her to rethink the treatment and do everything naturally or with repurposed drugs such as febadazonel, ldn etc.

I really thought I would have a game plan or the correct words to make her see sense being it did not work originally for a bump on the breast. I myself have adhd and lately my once cognitive brain has since left me and I feel totally inadequate to the person I was. She says she's confused by it all and needs to talk it through with someone other than me. Would you know if there Is there a place or somebody with a similar story who has had a ‘Miraculous Remission' as they say that maybe able to advise her?

Rebuilding Gut Biome During Chemo
Posted by Betty (CA) on 11/22/2021

In reply to my last post I did a quick search for niacin and breast cancer. It might not be a good idea to use niacin.

All my research showed so many cancers is why I mentioned it. But might not include breast cancer.

Rebuilding Gut Biome During Chemo
Posted by Steve (UK) on 11/23/2021

Thanks for trying Betty.

Article Reviews
Posted by Jeremiah (Spokane) on 09/17/2021
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I like you have psoriasis and you're right, psoriasis is a really good way to see how things are working depending on how my psoriasis responds to any vitamin or treatment that I do. I recently have been drinking 1 tsp of borax daily. It has made me feel awesome. It is helping me control my candida and also raise testosterone, and help the parathyroid control calcium production. But, it has made my psoriasis really bad. It has spread all of my scalp and has gotten worse in all the areas that I have psoriasis. Do know of any reason why this is? It is making me feel really good but it made my psoriasis quite a bit worse. Should I discontinue use? Thank you

Article Reviews
Posted by Sue (VA) on 07/31/2021

Great article, Art.

Re: the pistachios, do you suggest the ones in the shells, or already shelled? Thanks!

Probiotic Foods
Posted by Gracie (Nottingham) on 07/30/2021

Hi, I've just come across a recipe for pickling whole cloves of garlic in apple cider vinegar, and wondered whether the resultant garlic would be classed as probiotic, or just pickled garlic.

The recipe says to take whole bulbs of garlic with the skin still on, place them in jars, and cover with apple cider vinegar, and leave for as long as possible.

Apple cider vinegar is fermented.

Fermented Foods for High Blood Pressure
Posted by Cynthia (Orl Fl ) on 08/07/2021

Thank you for sharing this. I take a low dose blood pressure med but would love to get off. Of course I know I can't stop the med but I'm going to try your exact regiment and hopefully it will lower enough I won't need the med..

Fermented Foods for High Blood Pressure
Posted by Jacksons Mom (Alexandria, VA) on 11/05/2021

Can you please give the last letter of the sauerkraut brand that you recommend? Thank you!

Fermented Foods for High Blood Pressure
Posted by Jen (MPLS, MN) on 12/17/2022

I was always told that sauerkraut & pickles, are fermented period, whether refrigerated or not?? Is this true? 🙏 Thanks 👍

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