The Critical Role of Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease

Rebuilding Gut Biome During Chemo
Posted by Steve (Uk ) on 11/07/2021

That's fantastic research, Art!

Would you be as kind to help me with a problem we have concerning chemo tummy and rebuilding the biome?

My wife has been on low dose chemo now for 2 yrs (adv BC) and this past week she has got severe bloating and gas. I understand how this awful drug kills the biome and causes dysbiosis which no doubt is happening, but I believe it happened a week before and the catalyst was full fat milk, which she stupidly took with cereal (she is also lactose int). Now she's in pain and won't eat anything, obviously wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine and glutens are a no no.

Can you please tell me what you think will alleviate this problem, please? I have given her Apple Cider Vinegar and bicarb in morns and bedtime and just Apple Cider Vinegar before after foods. Also charcoal, magnesium glycinate with food.

ps she doesn't like ginger.
much appreciated in advance,