Frostbite Remedies

Posted by Nichole (Middletown, Ohio, Usa) on 01/29/2012

Topical iodine in the form of Betadine works wonders on wounds that require tissue deep repair, my goat got his foot tangled and was stuck outside for two days in the snow like that ( I was in bed with the flu for a week and could barely breathe when I got out of bed) anyways, his foot had swelled from the circulation being cut off and then froze solid. We brought him in and kept him in the bathroom while his foot thawed, I was unsure what to do with him at the time and gave him lots of colloidal silver to drink and soaked a bandage in it and wrapped it on his foot, I waited two weeks and saw no real improvement (the flesh on his foot was solid as a rock and he could not flex it or move it in any way but it had heat) so I tried iodine, wrapped his foot in iodine soaked gauze and then wrapped it in duct tape (thanks to the advice of a friend) to form a boot to keep it protected and allow the iodine to absorb and not dissipate. After ONE week I took the bandage off and the swelling was completely gone and his foot was no longer solid, I could move it and flex his hooves, something I could not in any way do before. The skin didn't look pretty though the layers of skin and fur were coming off in patches and I was worried about it being gangrene at first, but I wrapped it again and left it for another week. This time when I took it off nearly all the old skin and fur were off and new skin was in its place with new fur sprouting out! Again I wrapped it and left it for another week, at this point the fur was fully grown in and you couldn't tell it had been so severely damaged just 3 weeks earlier. At about 4 or 5 weeks I then noticed that he was growing a whole new hoof, complete healing, amazing!