Cure Food Intolerances Naturally

Beer, Wine
Posted by Michele L (Wolcott, Ct) on 12/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Randall,

You may indeed be allergic to the sulfites in the wine, they are notorious for causing all kinds of immune responses. I get hive from them. But I did find that Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can eliminate the sulfites in wine. I found this product called SO2GO from New Zealand, which comes in measured doses, and you can add it to qlass or a bottle of wine and it neutralizes the sulfites. Now I have purchased a bottle of this food grade hydrogen peroxide and I am washing my fruits and vegetables with it, before consumption to eliminate any sulfite residue that may be on the skin and it seems to work. I have not had an outbreak in months and I can enjoy wine again. They do make wine with "no detectable sulfites" but the choice is minimal. Hope this helps.