Fissure Treatment: Folk Cures for Skin Fissures

Liquid Diet, Fruit
Posted by Anonymous (Chandigarh) on 03/12/2013

Hello everyone. I am suffering from Anal Fissures (AF) since three weeks and it has been one of the worst periods of my life (I have experienced Kidney stones too! ). After I suffered from it, I started reading about it online and got a lot of useful information regarding the natural healing procedures. At first, I went casual about it thinking it would heal within a few days (I suffered from minor fissures earlier). But as the days went by, my fissure went from bad to worse. Then, I realized that I was in for a tough fight. I gathererd a lot of info about AF online and found that sitz bath provided a lot of relief. Hence, I started taking them. And indeed they provide a lot of relief and also help in healing the fissures faster because of the increased blood supply. After a couple of weeks, the pain became unbearable and I went to see a doctor (took a lot of courage). He gave me a stool softner and anovate cream to reduce the pain. But it was something that didn't help too much.

Given the pain I was suffering from, I decided to go on a liquid diet for a few days. I relied totally on fresh juices (5-6 times a day) for a few days. This reduced the frequency of my BM and I guess gave the AF ample time to heal without reopening. I experienced a great deal of change in my fissure with that. After 4 days I started eating fruits along with the fresh juice (adding a lot of fibre to my diet). With this I gave my AF ample time to heal and yes I guess it did the trick for me. Now, my AF is around 80% healed and I suffer from very little to no pain during my BM.