Fire Ant Bite Remedies

Posted by Greenllll (Kingstree, SC) on 09/11/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I was pulling weeds w/ gloves on and got 20 fire-ant stings where my gloves touch my wrists. Then to top it off, a wasp stung my finger through the gloves. It hurt bad.

Normally, my body can handle a few stings w/out a hitch but, for whatever reason, whether it was the fact that I vomited a lot the night before due to overeating, or it was due to the mixture of the 2 different poisons in my hand, my hand swelled up, and I couldn't close my fist w/out an inch gap.

Of course, the first thing I did was go to Earth Clinic. I tried ACV soak, charcoal poultice, I ate 1 square inch of charcoal, and I bathed. None of that made the swelling go down.

Then I put a big poultice of comfrey on my hand, where the glove was protecting it. Note that the ants never stung my hand, but it was swollen. This didn't yield any effect.

Next I put the poultice on my wrist w/ the 20 ant stings and I made a little poultice for the site of the wasp sting on my finger. That drawed out the poison to the skin, so I had these white blisters on my skin after applying to poultice directly to the area that was stung. I still have them & I'm on day 2. Although the white blisters are still there, the swelling in my hand has decreased 90% since I added the comfrey poultice, and none of the other things I tried reduced the swelling. I an close my hand now with maybe 5% resistence.

The strange thing is, & I'm not recommending this, but the majority of the healing occurred while I was doing tantric work, and my heart was lit up to almost overstimulation. Don't ask. Still, I think the comfrey was the key herb. Knitbone is one of the most powerful healing herbs known. Its amazing stuff. It can make swelling go down in a few hours, even w/ broken bones, not that that is always a good thing, probably not, but it works that way. Get your bones set before using this stuff. As for antbites, chew it up w/ some water, spit it on the area, and cover it up w/ a grocery bag & some tape.