Fibromyalgia and the Fluoride Connection

Detox, Supplement
Posted by Katrina (Fenton, Michigan) on 11/04/2023

I was bedridden from 1999-2006 (7 yrs) w/Fibro. It was many types of excruciating pain-searing joint pain, burning, aching, weak muscles, horrific brain fog, depression, exhaustion, constipation, ligament-tendon hyper mobility and so much more. I slept over 20-23 hrs a day with unrefreshed sleep. I felt like a zombie. researched everything w/the little energy I had. I took RENEW LIFE PARAGONE DETOX for 2months, (KILLS parasites and Candida, rids body of toxins! I also stopped ALL WHEAT products-cakes cookies, wheat pastas, baked goods, sweet stuff, fried, fast, junk food (chips, ice cream and ESP. SODA (we call it pop in MI). I went off dairy 100% except for butter. Only ate organic chicken, turkey,, fish and a ton of green, leafy veggies.. I also take Vit D3-K2, Pre and probiotics, and multi-vit and the PAIN LEFT COMPLETELY. I cut out beef for 6months and added it in sparingly. I've been able to use coconut and olive oil, honey, stevia, monk fruit, and organic oat milk as subs for sugar. Eliminate ALL hydrogenized oils and NO high fructose corn syrup. GO ORGANIC.

Try: Stem cell therapy AFTER, NATTOKINASE, SERRAPEPTASE (if you have no heart valve replacements, mesh, stints, other implanted medical devices)., epsom salt & magnesium (NOT Citrate) potassium and calcium powder baths, oxalaye removal (lemon juice and alkaline water drink w/1/2 tsp. baking soda, walking, Intermittent fasting red light therapy, and massage by an unvaxxed person. Use protocols to help your body if you've been vaccinated and please look up “shedding”-shedding of SARS-COV virus from vaccines.

Please look up ADVERSE REACTIONS TO THE VACCINES!!! I use earth clinic for every ailment and try to stay off meds as much as possible!!