Natural Remedies for Fever

Onions in the Socks
Posted by A Briggs (Federalsburg, MD) on 05/17/2018
5 out of 5 stars

So, my go to for breaking a fever was not listed and I had to submit it because it had been a life saver. I started using this when my daughter was 2 and I couldn't get her 104 fever to break. I cut up onions and put them in her socks. Leave it there over night, or until the fever breaks. Within minutes you can feel the fever dropping, from feet up the skin started to cool. The onions will start to smell like fried onions as the fever starts to cook the onions. My daughter's fever broke and never returned. She is now 13, and whenever she gets a fever, the first thing she asks for to help bring it down is onions. Now everyone in my family uses this.