Exfoliative Cheilitis Remedies

Antifungal Cream
Posted by Lisa (Colorado) on 12/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My lips started peeling like crazy when I returned from a trip to the hottest part of California. Several times a day they would peel. The skin would come off only to repeat the process again and again. I tried everything I could think of to cure it. Then, I searched the internet high and low and found that angular cheilitis was found to be a yeast infection on the corner of the mouth, so I thought maybe this was too. I went to the store and bought a generic Miconazole Nitrate cream (2%). It is marketed as a vaginal antifungal cream. Disregarding the applicators, I applied it daily several times a day to my lips and on the skin just above and below. I could tell after 4 days that it was slowly improving the condition. It took the full seven days to be almost completely healed. I used it a few days longer (3x a day) just to be sure it was completely gone. (I will add that I'm in good health and felt pretty certain that I did not have a vaginal yeast infection or a systemic yeast infection, so this condition is just so bizarre! )

I've read blogs on the internet from people saying they have suffered from this for ten years, and no doctor or dermatologist could help the situation! It does not want to go away on it's own! I found certain irritants that made it much worse. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in my toothpaste was the first culprit. I started brushing with a homemade paste of baking soda and coconut oil mixed with some cinnamon essential oil. The next major irritant that was setting me back during the healing process was nonorganic coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. Those products would cause my lips to peel within half an hour to an hour after drinking them, but when I switched to organic coffee, etc. they would not peel. I think it was those terrible chemicals/pesticides that caused the yeast to multiply profusely.

I suffered the anxiety and embarrassment of this for about seven months, and I am so relieved and grateful to have it gone. I truly hope that this post helps someone else who is suffering from this condition!