Excitotoxicity and Cell Damage

Dangers of Excitotoxins
Posted by Judy (Denver, Co) on 08/15/2011
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I normally don't eat processed meat, but last week there was a less than 1/2 sale on saulsbury steak with gravy in frozen food aisle. I noticed it had MSG but figured it wouldn't hurt once in awhile and had one. Within 3 hours my heart was racing - over 100 beats per minute and for some reason my blood pressure as only 98/59. That went on over two hours.

I have some decreased kidney function and dr told me not to take magnesium because it's hard on the kidneys. I'm due to have surgery in few days and haven't taken vit E for awhile. I take B6, B12 and folic acid and selenium and vit C. I might add that I am very sensitive and it doesn't take long for things to "react", good or bad.

Naturally I was getting pretty worried, so I thought of balanced B vit since B's are good for stress, and took 2. After about a hour pulse slowed to low 80's and I could finally go to sleep. I've learned my lesson about MSG.