10 Excellent Natural Treatments for the Epstein Barr Virus

Posted by Crows (Nashville, Tn) on 12/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

This report is perhaps a bit premature, but the results have been so good that I am trying to get the information out there.

Firstly, I never received an official diagnosis of EBV, but I am pretty certain that it, and possibly other viruses are at fault. It has been building for several years and peaked last year. I have very low vitamin D for years which destroyed my immunity, and I got shingles 6 months before the first lymph node was discovered (the shingles cleared up on it's own). Only now have I found any relief from the multitude of symptoms that prevent me from doing anything at all. Even walking or just reading would usually bring on an attack of fatigue, photophobia, dizziness, nausea, and what feels like meningitis. I have had swollen lymph nodes in the classic EBV spots for over a year.

After trying virtually everything else, I gave BHT a try. For a few weeks I did not believe it was working. For the first 5 days I took 500mg per day twice per day on an empty stomach; against the recommendations I have read everywhere because I was desperate (I weigh nothing and eat a low fat diet). After 5 days I developed a nasty rash on my legs and systemic joint pains. It cleared up in 4 days and I started on 250mg.

No problems there.

After 2 weeks I was frustrated with the lack of results, but decided to run an experiment. I would make myself sick and then take the BHT at the height of an attack. To my complete surprise it completely reversed the symptoms in one hour. I repeated this each day, gradually going back to 500mg per day (this time with no complications). Each time it made me feel better and allowed me to do the activities I had been unable to do for even a few minutes for the past year. I could play guitar again, walk again, read again for hours. Eventually the symptoms would return, but by then it was time for my second dose.

After another two weeks we come to the present. I am now pushing myself for the entire day like I used to before I got sick, and am only experiencing a bit of heat in my head, and perhaps some mild general malaise a few times per day. This has been the case for the past 4 days. Absolutely remarkable! I am terrified that the virus might build a resistance so I am now taking biofilm enzymes. I am pushing myself because I want to bring the virus out whenever I can so I can stomp it out. This is just me guessing very unscientifically of course, but it appears to be working. I am hopefull that I will not have to take this the rest of my life but time will tell. If I go for months without any sign of symptoms I will ween myself off of the BHT slowly.

I am still symptomatic, but with the BHT I can actually function. I have not tried actual exercise yet, but that will be next.

TLDR: After 5 weeks of BHT I went from being completely useless to almost my old self again with (probably) EBV. After trying every reasonable supplement including Monolaurin, BHT was the only thing that had any perceivable effect, and the effect was miraculous.