Natural Remedies for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sharon (IL) on 11/14/2022

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) ligament laxity hypermobile c0, c1 and c2. ligaments not holding bones in the spine in place:

Try atlas orthogonal. Myles Koby reads bones to measure the spine upper cervical in Maryland EDS society.

7 adult neurosurgeons in the Usa. 1 children in Ann ArborMI, Cormac Maher.

Find excellent Drs through your medicare or insurance for the thoracic and lumbar. Try different dc. only atlas orthogonal for the cervical.

Then take flax seed oil flavored is best.

Turmeric, magnesium and pain and muscle homeopathic remedy by dc in Dallas 972 792 7500

Doug Kaufmann dr protocol dr Kam Yuen. Carol everett uk bluerayhealer. 600 ibuprofen. meloxicam 15mg. kerorotac 10 mg. find an internist who deals with hypermobility eds. medical medium bacopa, black walnut wormwood chamomile drops pills piping melatonin sleep 5htp. dc best to stay out of pain. drive safe. get enough rest. drink chamomile tea. honey vanilla/ eat fresh fruit veg. raw or steam roasted sauted. quinoa beyond meat spicey fav. no meat or sugar. causes pain and inflammation. Lots of stevia and no dairy. unsweetened silk cashew or almond milk. carob missy j's. glutern free jovial pasta. chebe pizza crust. be well. No positional weakness if getting a robotic vacuum cleaner. ask for help if lifting. always get to the dc if in pain or not sleeping without melatonin. Get well or have surgery.