Ear Wax Removal Remedies: Safe and Effective!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Warmed Oil
Posted by Gregory (Davis, Ca) on 11/29/2012
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I hope you can help with this & I'll keep it short :)

I put H2O2 a few days ago, just a few drops but only stayed on my side for 3 mins or so & then added warm olive oil after. I think I did this for 2 or 3 days, each time for a few mins only. I didn't do your advice well because I saw this article only now. But here's my problem now.

After a few days of doing that, now I experience pain in my jaw when I open & close it say while eating or yawning. Is this because I did the H2O2 treatment for so short a time that the earwax is stuck & bugging me with pain or is it something else?