Dypsnea: Alternative Treatments

Baking Soda, Sea Salt
Posted by Mike (Prairieville, LA) on 02/14/2007

Hi, I've had breathlessness (dyspnea) for well over 4 years now. My doctor and my pulmonologist have been unable to discover the cause. I've had x-rays, cat scans, a variety of asthma medications, and even xanax when they thought it stress related. Nothing has helped. No heart related issues were discovered either (pulmonary hypertension, etc). It's been a real puzzler. I read somewhere (not this site) that 1/4" a teaspoon of sea salt and a 1/4" teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water would help people with asthma-related breathlessness episodes. I tried it, and it reduced my symptoms almost immediately. It hasn't made it go away, but it helps me sleep at night. I take the mixture when the dypsnea becomes more than just annoying. I haven't tried a daily regiment though. (Incidentally, I also have GERD and seemingly no longer need to take Aciphex to control it. The baking soda apparently is all I needed to cure that) My question is: Is the sodium bicarbonate in the baking soda count against total RDA of regular sodium intake? if so, this would compound the total amount of sodium I am taking with the sea salt. I'm nervous about doing a daily regiment of the high sodium mixture as I am borderline pre-hypertension and don't want to stress my heart unduly. What do you suggest? (Incidentally, I will try out the ACV cure you have promoted recently. I will post how it works for me) Thanks...