Dizzy Spell? Try Naturopathic Remedies for Dizziness!

Green Smoothie
Posted by Gokhals (Larkspur, California) on 10/22/2011

Spinach and fruit smoothie. For nearly two months on and off, I was getting extreme attacks of dizziness, head spinning, tightness in neck. Once at night, I think I moved my head slightly, and the head spinning started. Its was terrible. I thought I had low blood pressure issues - as at an earlier doctors appointment, my doctor had told me that my bp was on the low side. I went out and bought a blood pressure monitor. My bp was consistently in the 100/70 range. Thinking it was this lowish bp that was the problem, I started drinking salt water. It helped a little bit. The intensity of the dizziness attacks waned, but I still felt moderately dizzy from time to time during the day.

One day, my kids made me drink a spinach/fruit smoothie. My dizziness, 'head spinning' went away, simply vanished, never to return. My conclusion is, this is a diet related disease, maybe an infection got cleared by the nutrients in the smoothie, maybe my body need certain minerals in the fruits and spinach. I drink spinach/fruit smoothies regularly now. If this helps others with meniere's disease, vertigo, dizziness etc. Please do let me know. It worked like magic. I am still baffled by the science behind it. But it works!!