Dizzy Spell? Try Naturopathic Remedies for Dizziness!

Posted by Kasra (Tehran, Iran) on 03/25/2015

Lightheadedness is something we all may experience for different reasons and it's probably nothing at most cases but sometimes it can be serious. Even if it's not serious, it creates a terrifying feeling that you might pass away or it might make you fall, especially when it lasts for days, it even makes more worries, and interferes with almost all activities, or you might not be able to do many things as it makes you paralyzed somehow and doesn't let you concentrate unless you pause and let the feeling subsided or go away cause you may fall and get injured , seriously , especially when you're driving it can even put your life in risk .

Just some weeks ago, one day I felt I'm falling, I couldn't concentrate, I had to sit down close my eyes and rest , just like many times before I felt lightheaded, I expect to just move after some seconds but seriously this time was different. After some hours of rest at same situation and doing some eye exercises I got a bit better but not fully recovered. That night when I was going to bed I felt fine , thought the feeling just went away.

Next day after I woke up and sat to have my breakfast it started again , this time I was also nauseous and I was even more lightheaded than before , I was so worried , and curious what could it be , I supposed it was something serious , that much serious and bothersome that I couldn't even sit , focus and find remedies on the internet , went to bathroom and done many palming exercises , felt better but yet not recovered , some days passed this way , I was getting more and more worried , finally I decided to force myself to read and look for a cure. I visited many pages, but it was not taken as a serious condition, at some worst cases, it can be caused by a damage to inner ear or head but in most cases it's nothing serious and can be due to a drop in blood pressure, changing situation from one to another which causes a change in blood pressure or after drinking etc. ... And it goes away just after a while.

Anyway, in some forums I found that ginger could make some people feel better so I took ginger:

Half teaspoon, twice a day ... And bingo!!

Just after day one:

-I still experienced to be lightheaded but at lower intensities

-shorter periods without feeling nauseous at all

And day two it was totally gone. Hope for a drug free world.