Digestive Problems

Posted by Cyn (Griswold, Ct) on 07/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have IBS, lactose intolerance & a hiatal hernia. I avoid milk products for lactose intolerance, & my IBS triggers include broccoli, cabbage & fried foods, which also affect gall bladder. I also can't eat pork, as I will end up with a debilitating gall bladder attack & hospital stay (almost died from it once). I had severe stomach pain, left sided back pain & even pain in the spleen area, with bouts of constipation. I was prescribed different meds.... Aciphex, Nexium, Bentyl, Omeprazole, etc... Nothing helped. I tried many techniques, to no avail. With my last prescription given, I had enough. The side effects were too much for me & nothing worked. Finally after reading & research online, I decided to try a probiotic.... & voila! I have never felt BETTER! No pain, no burning, fullness, belching, back or spleen pain & no more constipation! This is my thought to why it helped. Not only had I been on multiple meds, I had upper GI, colonoscopies, endoscopes, etc. your digestive system needs both good & bad bacteria, but balanced. After too many tests with cleaning out my entire digestive system for these tests to be done, multiple meds, etc. , my balance was off & Probiotics helped all that! I still watch my food triggers, but I feel great, more energy, etc. I hope this helps just one person even. I take one pill daily, no side effects either! Good luck!