Digestive Problems

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Carolyn (Hobbs, Nm Usa) on 01/16/2010
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Digestive issues

I have had severe digestive problems for almost 10 years since they took out my gallbladder. I have been to gastroenterologists every where and I can tell you that the listed items have helped me more than any prescription drugs. I feel better than I have in 10 years and I learned what I am telling you from a dear friend I met right here on Earth clinic.

1. Take 1 scoop of Intestinew by Renewlife morning and night.
2.Take vitaims E, C, D3
3. Drink fresh aloe vera twice a day.
4. GSE morning and night.
5. Probiotics
6. Fish oil
7. Chia seeds in a green smoothie every morning. Also add brown rice protein powder.
8. Take a good mineral supplement.
9. Eat a whole foods diet.

The above protocol has changed my life.

EC: Carolyn, we are so happy to hear this - yahoo!! Can you send us more info about the products you are using?

To all: Carolyn has been posting on EC for the past couple of years about her digestive issues, so we are thrilled she finally found remedies to help!