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Avoid Soybean Oil
Posted by Hippocrates (Odin, Missouri, U.s.a.) on 04/28/2012 9 posts

Hello all, I for years thought I had a bad/sluggish gall bladder. I even tried the oil/lemon flush. It got so bad I went and had an ultrasound done, it was perfectly clean on the screen. The ultrasound tech even said there was no small sand/sludge in there. So I then had nuclear dye shot into me and then something to make my gall bladder pump, they said it was working normally. So I then soon after had an endoscope, small hiatal hernia, but nothing else.

So I got noticing, when I eat, sometimes I can eat whatever, and after an hour or a few, everything digests, but if I go to the bathroom and make myself vomit, it is PURE OIL. So I got thinking that it wasnt the food so much, but something in the oils, and that my body must not like it, an allergy. So as I experimented, I got noticing that everytime I eat something that contains SOYBEAN OIL, my body doesnt like it, will digest the food around it, but leave the oil! Any of the fast "food" meats generally have it, as does anything with a batter on it at these places, or fried (fries). So does mayonaise, salad dressings, cheese dips, and even ice cream and soda (brominated "vegetable" oil)! "Vegetable oil" is usually a code word for "soy or has soy in the blend of cheap oils we use". It is a rotation crop grown after corn, and is dirt cheap and therefore they use it as a "filler" for lots of foods!

If I stay away from soy/soybean oil (vegetable oil), my body does pretty well. ALSO, if you have a hiatal hernia, stay away from carbonated drinks! On an empty stomach, this causes me problems alone, but mixed with food, causes bloating in the stomach that pushes everything around and makes life bad.

So, if you have stomach problems, watch what you eat and look for SOY and see if there is a connection that you can avoid

P.S. On the nights when I have sushi and nothing else, my stomach does great. The only thing in it is rice, crab, avacado, and cream cheese. I think that there might be something soothing/healing in the rice, but am currently not sure what mechanism it might be. If I eat rice with a "something helper" or out at a mexican place and both have tons of soy in it, it has little effect to negate the soy. So look towards a diet with rice possibly if you dont have a problem with it. Also, cheeses and sugars can cause me indigestion, so look at these as being removed if you want to make things better.