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Swimming in the Ocean

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Posted by Eion (Los Angeles, California) on 10/13/2015
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First I want to thank all people who post on this site. A community of people sharing remedies for healing outside of the Big Pharma profit paradigm is a beautiful thing.

I read so many interesting regimens for curing dermatitis but I was wondering why mine had come back in the first place. I have not had it at all for 9 months and all of a sudden it's back on my face.

After doing my detective work I have realized there is one factor which makes all the difference for me. 9 months ago I moved close to the ocean. The only time I have left my home area in those 9 months was to work in Puerto Rico for the summer (and I was in the ocean all the time there). Only now that am I away from the ocean (Toronto) has my dermatitis returned. I am a regular ocean man. I am in it every other day now that I live close by and now that I look back on it, since my reconnection to the sea water, I have not had ANY dandruff of facial Dermatitis. Until Now, having been away from the ocean the last 2.5 weeks I have a flare up again.

So, for anyone suffering from Dtitis who lives near the ocean, now's a good time to take up surfing.

All my best, Eion

Replied by Timh
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If one is not-so-lucky to live near the ocean, then a bath with added minerals like Borax & Epsom Salts or simply otc Sea Salt will suffice. To be completely safe & healthy, one would need to either have a whole-house in-line filter for removing fluoride and other contaminates or add a pinch of sodium thiosulfate crystals to the bath prior to the beneficial minerals.

Things to Avoid

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Posted by Tracy (Fort Worth, Texas) on 12/19/2010

I have found that the beeswax is a problem for my perioral dermatitis. My lips would swell and become even more dry and sore after using it.

Replied by Tracy
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Would you mind compiling a list of certain products you switched to and where one could find them? I am in the midst of the absolute worst break out in my life. I have suffered off and on for 8 years and now it is beyond out of control :(
I look unsightly and can't even finish my Christmas shopping because of all the stares, not to mention my face is in so much pain, cracking, flaking. My husband doesn't quite get how severe this is emotionally and lolligags in going out to get treatment for me. I am starting to get depressed.

Replied by Brendan
(Adelaide, South Australia)
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Hey Tracy, My name is Brendan and I know exactly what your going through, I too have dermatitis all over my face and no matter what I do it seems to get worse. I hate going out and only really ever go out to the organic shop to get my vege's. It's ruining my life and I am so scared that I have to go back to uni in feb and endure the staring again. I have found stress is a major cause too as I am doing architecture which is full on and as the semester goes on it gets worse and worse. I never believed it before but I know stress is a major factor as when I went to Fiji this year for my bros wedding, my face cleared up in a couple of days, it was like magic. Im convinced the mud bath I went to when I was there had a healing effect but you cant bring the mud back so theres no way of proving that. After I got home to Adelaide and back to uni it progressively got worse and is now worse than its ever been. I've tried every remedy, natural or not, I could find and every med my dermatologist has ever reccomended which is a lot but im done with that now because I figure everything he's given me has only ever made it worse.

I am now just trying my very hardest to just eat as healthy as possible and supplement what I think could help, all I eat is basically raw organic veges and a bit of organic chicken as well as gluten free cereal in the morning with organic rice milk. Actually tonight I went crazy for the first time in months and had some green and blacks organic dark choc. It's my christmas gift to myself. I figure youve got to give your body the best chance to heal itself so feeding it well is the first step. Anyway, enough about me, I could go on all day about what ive done so far. All I really wanted to say was that ive found something a few days ago which has helped me somewhat, the first thing in ages which has had a positive effect. Its called Aveeno, daily moisturising lotion or theres another Aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion but that has menthol in it which may aggrivate your skin as it did to mine a little. It's made by johnson and johnson and im sure youll be able to find it in the states. If your like me you will read the ingredients and think "oh I dont know about this" as it contains things like alchohol and other chem sounding stuff which I would usually steer away from but Seriously it is the only thing in ages which has actually kept my skin moisturised for a decent amount of time, like overnight. My skin is still red but less so, it is more a pinky colour but still stands out as I am fair skinned irish australian. It still looks pretty bad but it is no longer so dry and tight and is a lot less flakey, almost not at all actually. I can now crinkle my forehead without it feeling tight and dry.

Anyway it is a step in the right direction, and has given me some glimps of hope for my condition. I know everyones skin is different but I thought it's definately worth mentioning and maybe you can do a test patch first before you go and use it full on. I would love to have a decent chat with you and maybe discuss things further as I have not found anyone with the same problem as me in all my searching and I think ive blabbered on for long enough on here, I tend to babble on a bit lol. My email is austmade(at)live(dot)com(dot)au Email me anytime for a chat. Dont give up, I know its so hard and I know exactly how alone you feel as nobody knows what it's like to have this constant burden on your mind. But I know there is a cure out there somewhere and I will not stop till I find it. It's so discouraging when doctor say "there is no cure" but all that means is they dont have it and they'd rather give you there bs meds which prolong your suffering and keep you poor. The way I figure it, the answer is something we need to find ourselves. The big pharm cos are making billions of dollars a year on skin condition meds which dont work so why would they cure us, that means less profit for them, somehow I doubt theyre gonna do it. They are afterall a buisness. Sorry, for going on and on. Try to have a merry xmas. Hope to hear from you soon, Brendan.

Replied by Melissa
(Kirkland, Wa)

Hi Tracy from Fort Worth... Sorry for such a slow response I have not checked back on this website in quite some time... As far as SLS free brands I have been using either California Baby Products or Burt's Bees Products. I am able to find both brands at Target stores in my area also both brands have websites where one may purchase said products. As far as my Perioral Dermatitis it continues to remain a thing of the past. I feel blessed to have been able to cure this problem with such simple small changes and wish you the best of luck.

Replied by Anne Moss
(Midlothian, Va)

I kept reading things on this website and then I saw the reference to cinnamon. I regularly eat saigon cinnamon with no issues but got a new type of cinnamon and that's when I got my serious breakout. It was when I saw this post that it hit me. Usually, if I break out or have a reaction it's due to something new or different in my diet. Thank you! Itchy eyes are gone.

To treat, I combined coconut oil, tea tree oil (5 drops per tsp or so of coconut oil) and a bit of neosporin. I also took coconut oil melted in water. It worked!

Vinegar and Olive Oil

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Posted by Tom (Sunnyvale, CA) on 05/09/2007
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vinegar and olive oil Ailment: psoriasis

When I was in elementary school, I had psoriasis on my elbows and knees, and all over the side of my face! It got behind my ears so bad I used to dream that my ears were falling off.

None of the doctor's remedies helped. Then my parents found this old home-remedy book from around the 1700s. It had what I call the salad dressing cure.

You soak the affected skin with vinegar for a few minutes, then you cover it with warmed olive oil (make sure it isn't too hot).

It got so I hated vinegar for years because of the smell (I think Apple Cider Vinegar would have been much more bearable), but it worked! The psoriasis went completely away, and I no longer felt like a freak at school.

Every few years I'll get a tiny patch on my knee or elbow. If it bothers me I'll use the treatment and it will go away.

Replied by Freyamm
(Jerusalem, Israel)
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Regarding Psoriasis: A guy who works with me told me his mother cured her 30 years old Psoriasis with TAMANU OIL. She's psoriasis free for a few years already. He himself cured Psoriasis on its first show-up with the same oil.

Search it on the web. It's worth trying.

Vitamin E

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Posted by BPhilips (Mcminnville, OR) on 05/02/2009
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HI I have suffered from pd for like a year. I have tried so many things. what I have found that works the best is regular vitamin E geltabs. I squeeze the contents out and massage into my freshly washed skin every night. Every day I see amazing results. This is day 5 and my pd inlamation has gone down by 90%

Replied by Shaun
(York, Uk)

Don't suffer with the remaining 30%. Just apply 'Milk of Magnesia'. You will literally be amazed at the results!

Replied by Tom
(Arlington, Tx, Usa)

Camille, relief is on the way, just get you some virgin coconut oil and take at least 3 tablespoons per day & then use some to massage into you skin, this way you attack the problem from both sides. if you do this it will work and quickly I imagine. Let me know, Tom

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

If the dermatitis is in fact yeast growing on the outside of the skin, no doubt your body is infested with candida and the dermatitis is the yeast escaping through the skin. You need to kill the candida. Coconut oil will help (as will probiotics and raw garlic) but you really need iodine because it is a deficiency of iodine that causes the yeast to be able to spread undeterred. If your body has enough iodine the yeast won't be able to spread in the first place.

Replied by Farmer Rose
(Athens, Ga, Usa)

Oh & I forgot to say I stopped using Fluoride toothpaste as well!! That was several years ago & I haven't been sick since. Goodbye Dermatitis & Goodbye Govt. Regulated poisonous chemicals!! I'm done!

Zinc, Magnesium

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Posted by Debra (South Charleston, Ohio) on 09/28/2008
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As a dental hygienist, I had developed contact dermatitis from wearing gloves. Last spring I started taking Zinc 15mg & Magnesium 400mg daily. My hands are free of dermatitis!!!

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