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Dermatitis Treatment and Natural Remedies


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Posted by Ruthie (Madison, Wisconsin) on 05/25/2011

Flaxseed ground, seems to be an effective treatment to help with the PO dermititis symptoms. I use 1Tbps in a cup of plain yogurt (no added sugar) each morning and evening. High fiber, so drink plenty of water! The oil is an "inner" moisturizer, so I don't put other lotions or aloe on. I also take 1 floragen (acidophilus) in Am and Pm.

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Posted by Kirsten (Denver, Co, Usa) on 05/02/2011

I just developed PD in March, and I am certainly not ready to deal with this the rest of my life! I visited a natural health food store today where we asked the manager what she would recommend. She suggested taking something with hydrochloric acid, Vitamin B, and evening primrose oil. My parents have mass amount of fish oil, which is very similar to the primrose oil. We purchased a bottle of Vitamin B, and I am going to test this combination of remedies for a week. After reading many of the posts from others, if it does not start to clear up, I will be purchasing a remedy with hydrochloric acid and will perhaps start using ACV and a yogurt mask. I will respond in a week and let you know how well the fish oil and Vitamin B worked. :)

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Lauren (Glenside, Pennsylvania) on 04/20/2011

About 8-10 drops of grapefruit seed extrack in a glass of water 2 times a day and my PD was gone in 2 days. To keep the dry skin from cracking I put a small amount of calendual on. But that was it. 2 days and I am back to normal! Just dont pick or scratch your face too much.

Green Tea, Tumeric and Buttermilk Mask

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Posted by Cinna (Oakland, Ca) on 01/23/2013

I use 1 part each powdered green tea, turmeric, and buttermilk powder mixed with a little water as a daily face mask. I remove it with a warm microfiber wash cloth (nothing scratchy) and olive oil or a beeswax cleanser.

I have also used just the green tea and turmeric mixed directly into buttermilk or yogurt with similar results, but the dried buttermilk keeps in the cabinet more easily. I have no idea if water would work.

It took 2 weeks before I saw a notable reduction and 6 weeks before it went away. The redness came back about 4 months later so I started the process over again and it worked again!

I recommend using the mask as maintenance every week once it goes away.

EC: Hi Cinna, please let us know what condition you are referring to so we make sure to post it on the right page. Thanks!


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Posted by Jason (Sydney, Australia) on 11/20/2011

Hi, I also have discoid dermatitis and recently I have found that manuka honey worked for me.

I had the red marks all over my forehead and after applying the honey overnight and moisturising cream for the day time this has cured it fairly quickly as opposed to when I was using a cortisone ointment.

I hope this helps others! I used Active Manuka honey 5 .

Posted by Julia (Edmonton, AB) on 02/02/2009

Manuka Honey for POD: I tried three different antibiotics as well as apple cider vinegar separately over the course of Five months and none seemed to work. Most just caused further irritation (including the ACV). My mother had just discovered this well-reputed medicinal Manuka Honey (UMF 20+ was what she had), and said it has healing properties and I should try it.

I applied a thick layer over the entire area every night and sometimes in the day if I wasn't going out. I started only a week ago and already you can hardly see my POD and it's no longer itchy. The honey is a bit messy on the bedclothes, but is obviously working and was soothing right from the get-go. Just trying to get the message out there!

EC: POD = Perioral Dermatitis

Replied by Kare
(Edmonton, AB)

I have a horrible outbreak of POD right now. Worst one ever. I just started applying Apple Cider Vinegar and Manuka Honey to it as of last night. I am also in Tetracycline now too. I will keep everyone posted as to how this is working.

So far the honey is soothing and takes the dryness issue away. The medication has lots of restrictions and did make me feel a little upset in the stomach after i took it.


Posted by Connie (HoHoKus, NJ) on 03/16/2006

I had a kind of eczema in the corner upper eye lid which refused to go away for months. After trying many different remedies, I decided to try honey after reading about its healing properties. One application did it, it was amazing!!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Moisturizer

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Posted by Michael (California) on 02/02/2016

Tried everything to get rid of the t-zone redness and dryness, but nothing helped until I found something that worked for me.

Wipe the affected area with plain 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution. Let dry for a few seconds, then apply moisturizing lotion with aloe once day. Took only a few days to clear up.

Ingredients to Avoid

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Posted by Anne (Phil., Cebu) on 01/10/2012

I tried probiotics, antibiotics and yogurt in the face but it doesn't have any immediate effects.

I avoided sls in any products that I used. It works. It really helps to lessen the pd. Maybe because of the consistent use of hypo allergenic products that I used I get the results gradually. Hope it will work for the better. I'll keep track of you guys for the betterment of this endeavour.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Cindy (New York, Ny) on 11/08/2010

I stopped washing my face with tap water and my dermatitis and acne have disappeared. I have been using vitamin E face wipes and burt's bees toner to clean my face. Then I applied balmex to my dermatitis now it is gone. I am pretty sure it is the chlorine and fluoride in the tap water that aggravated my condition. I just purchased a shower filter too, hopefully it will help as well.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Mary Smith (University Place, WA) on 05/09/2009

After receiving two fillings from my dentist in January, I had an immediate response with my very first case of dermatitis above my lip, at the age of 52. I have tried a number of things, using baby shampoo to wash my face, applying Vaseline, and ingesting various teas and vitamins. I am now using ACV and so far it has given me a break but I am not sure what the next week will bring. I had a temporary implant done about two months ago and that further exacerbated the problem, creating a pink severely itchy patch directly above the implant that comes and goes, creating scaling and pealing into my lip that never scabs. We will see if the ACV continues to keep the symptoms at bay or if this is just the break I experience in between. It has become almost weekly at this point.

Replied by Andrewdreiling
(Overland Park, Ks)

Check out the books "whole body dentistry", "uninformed consent", & "root canal cover up"... If u have amalgams/silver fillings, they must come out & be replaced with a safer material (non-bpa composite, porcelain, gold, etc) asap... Mercury poisoning is a BIG problem... Hope this helps!

Replied by Brook
(Atlanta, Ga)

I disagree with removing silver/mercury containing fillings, and it is irresponsible To Tell people To do that. I have been a dental hygienist for 25 years. Silver fillings have been declared to be safe by the American Dental Assoc. Many dentists refuse to do silver in favor of white composite types because they can charge the patient alot more for White composite fillings, and because the life span of one is 2-5 years vs. 30-40 for a silver filling. The Risk from mercury toxicity from removing the silver filling are much greater that leaving it in there. Not to mention that every time a filling is removed it must be replaced by a bigger one that removes even more tooth structure and weakens the tooth more. And dentists know this!

White fillings are a big increase in a dentist's production. Dentists who refuse to do silver fillings are very close to being considered unethical in my opinion, and I wouln't trust them.

Replied by Jumpin J
(Wisconsin, US)

Your opinion is not researched. Yes, white composite does not last as long ...although my 8 white fillings that replaced silver mercury are doing fine after 10 years. Dentists have finally come out, admitting that there is substantial and dangerous amounts of mercury in those silver fillings. One part per billion of mercury is significant to decrease health. Do more research. My complete health profile got better without the silver amalgam....sinuses to eyesight to immune system...all better....even strength and energy. I am an Occupational Therapist ...always interested in higher functioning...I've seen people come out of symptoms like Parkinson's just by getting those fillings out. Use a dam to stop drilled fillings from going down the throat...Dentists like silver because it is easier to mold and work with.

Replied by Kayla

First off, metal fillings give off an electrical charge that affects your brain, and your body, simple physics. The story of the famous actor basically every time he tried to sleep he would instantly get a migraine, and doctor did not know why. He finally asked his fans and one suggested metal filling. His biological dentist said, that when he laid down to sleep it was like a "lightening bolt going through his head, " All the metal was removed and the migraines stopped.

Metals are reactive and porcelain is not, I consider the hygienist opinion invalid.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Johnna (Stratford, CT) on 12/09/2008

Wow! There is so much information on this site. This is my situation: My daughter is 7 years old and has PD. She has had a stuffy nose for weeks but doesn't have a "cold". Her nose itches and runs throughout the day. Her rash worsens when it is dry/cold outside or after she takes a shower. I think this condition is definitely chemical related. My daughter was exposed to formaldehyde which is a chemical that is many products. Long story short, her bedroom furniture contained formaldehyde which was causing her to have a reaction, coughing, running nose, etc ...I later found out that she was sensitive to the formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is found in EVERYTHING, (rugs, counter tops, cosmetics) and can be dangerous at high levels. , etc Anyway, my daugher is now ultra sensitive and has a constant runny nose, especially when the heat is on b/c more formaldehyde gas is released in to the air when the temp goes up...and she has PD, which I believe is directly related! I have not tried the ACV yet, but i was wondering if it's safe for a 7 year old? Also, has anyone ever heard of formaldehyde causing this condition? I also changed all of my soaps, shampoos and laundry detergent to exclude SLS...but the rash didn't go away. Does it usually worsen in the winter and clear up when the spring comes....please give me your advice. I am a little worried that she will be sensitive forever now. Thank you.

EC: PD = perioral dermatitis

Replied by Cherry
(Mission Viejo)

My son has a chronic runny nose as well, however if he avoids dairy it clears up. He cuts back on processed carbs as well and it helps. He was cutting weight for wrestling when we noticed the improvement:)

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by John (Cambridge, Maryland) on 11/26/2008

skin dermatitis: I'm looking for a remedy other than what the doctors general give -- which have not worked over the years. Since I moved to Maryland's eastern shore where there is a lot of salt in the air from the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean, it has worsened. I'm sure there has got to be a remedy out there, if I can only find it!

By the way, great site! I've got to get a lot of stuff for my dog here! Thanks!

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Laurie (North Royalton, Ohio) on 08/29/2008

Hello, I just wante to let you know that I recently discovered this sight after having ANOTHER bout of dermatitis. I am trying ACV, VCO, and probiotics but I'm not sure if the are working because I am on prednisoe until tomorrow. Last year, I had a very bad reaction to getting my hair highlighted, and since than I have dermatitis flare-ups. After much research, I finally figured out that phenoxyethonal is in many beauty products and I believe this is the source of my allergies. I have an appointment with an allergist mid-Sept so I will let you know my findings.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Lisa (Austin, TX) on 07/31/2006

I had a bad case around my nose but did not want antibiotics again. I switched to a SLS-free toothpaste. I also did an internal cleanse (Cleansesmart)and added a probiotic (Jarro-Dophilus). Within 4 days it is gone!

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