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Dietary Changes
Posted by Valliegirl (United States) on 06/20/2019
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My sister had perioral dermatitis for at least 20 years. She went to a dermo and was told it was an allergy to avocado. She gave them up and still had problems. A while later an acquaintance told her if you are allergic to avocados, you are also allergic to bananas. She then gave those up and her skin has been clear since. Hope this helps!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Don (Irving, Texas) on 10/05/2012
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I really enjoyed reading some of these posts as I have struggled with seb dermatitis for years. Never really new what it was until one day the dermatologist matter of factly told me and gave me some gel for it.

To the point, about 4 months ago I had a food sensitivity test and found out I was mildly sensitive, not intolerant to gluten. I decided to cut it out altogether or at least not eat anything that obviously would contain any significant amounts of gluten. The psoriasis/dermatitis I had on my arm went away within a week of stopping eating gluten. I lost about and inch over my waist and my hair actually began to grow on my head in thinning places. No other reason I can figure for these changes since I had tried many things for months to get rid of the dermatitis, bloating and and the only change was eliminating the gluten. So, I believe that the gluten was most likely a big factor.

The dermatitis on my face which comes and goes but never really goes away totally for long even got better and went away in some areas. This is even with the use of Elidel cream twice daily. After reading these posts I decided to apply ACV to my face morning and night and within three days it has almost all disappeared. I also began taking biotin and probiotics even though I am not sure how much of a factor they have been.

Thanks to the folks here who posted about ACV. I have taken ACV before at times but never used as an astringent on the face. I don't know how long it will have an effect but hopefully I can cut down using it once a day and maybe longer as time goes on. My skin actually looks somewhat normal now. Wooohoo.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Martin (Melbourne, Vic) on 12/03/2011
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I stumbled across this page as I was also looking for natural remedies for dermatitis as an alternative to the mometesone furoate that I've been applying for years.

What I immediately noticed is that everyone talks about how to control the symptoms, but none of you seem to delve into why it is that you have this condition. I was much the same for many years, as GPs and dermatologists all just kept prescribing corticosteroids and telling me that I will have this the rest of my life, and the best I could do was manage it.

It wasn't until I decided this wasn't acceptable, and did my own research and testing. What I found was that if I overindulged for a series of days, i.e., ate heaps of sweets, junk food and drank alcohol, I would flare up more the usual.

I suspected dairy was my issue, so eliminated it from my diet. Lo and behold, no more dermatitis! I then went to a naturopath who specialises in digestion, and she informed me I had leaky gut and put me on a gut repair program. I also did an igE blood test which tested me against 99 different foods. The results showed I had a strong dairy allergy, followed by yeast, and a few other mild ones. For 6 months I followed a strict elimination diet, and I didn't have a single breakout. I also slimmed down as I was always prone to bloating as a result of the intolerances.

Since then I do lapse occasionally as I suffer from a sweet tooth! And when I do flare up (it takes weeks now to show, instead of days as before) I've been using the mometesone. I wish to stop all together, as I suspect it has affected my fertility - that's a whole other story!

Anyway, I want to share my story, as the more I learn about digestive issues and related intolerances the more I'm fascinated to learn how many effects can be related.

P. S. I also stop snoring if I eliminate the foods I'm intolerant to, which my wife enjoys most of all! :)