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Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Anonymous (St. Louis, Mo) on 06/15/2010

Hello. I developed Contact Dermatitis from one of the two things, power washing a house down and the cleaning agent running down my arms and drying, and or from a tanning bed. My guess is the latter, it happened 24 hours later and I dont mean tanning bed bumps.

The doctor medicated me with Steroids, most of the derm left but then came back immedietly and twice as bad. Did a second treatment, again the same results. His next cure was a Professional and I have him, a endo bill and I dont need some sappy Dermatologist eating up my income for something he can only treat and not cure. That I can do at home which is why I am here.

What worked for me. Desitin, a diaper rash cream. Its not cured, I still have the derm but..its almost gone, 7 days now. I smothered myself with it on all areas of red itchy bumps that spread all over my stomach and under arms, arms and patches on legs.

I did consume the ACV for 3 days 8 ounces and 1/4 cup of vinegar, it was too hard on my stomach. I knocked it down to once a day. When I took the Steroids they knocked my diabetic immune system right out bringing on a horrible yeast infection. I read that yeast will cause the derm to spread even more in your body. In this my help was aided from the ACV. However, pleast note, it was the cream that worked.

I am still using it, you must refrain from itching at all times, this too makes a huge difference. Make sure to get a bar of soap with no ingredients in it from the Health Store, something very mild with no harsh chemicals what-so-ever and use it only. This too will aid in the cure.

Now, 7 days later, bumps under arm and under breast are completely gone, just left overs on my arms, little tiny bumps everywhere but barely noticeable, still itcy, dont touch them.

Let me tell you this has been going on for two months now. The coconut oil will stop the itching completely, at least for two hours or so or fresh out of the shower, it will not make the bumps disappear as the cream did.

You may or may not have patches left, its like after what I went through, big deal, I will use this stuff forever, no it doesnt smell good, I may not be completely healed but boy oh boy what a huge difference.

No Dermatologist will tell you this, they cant make money that way.

I still have patches, and yes its itchy, but I will continue to use the cream. Smother yourself, dont itch it, use the no ingredients soap, watch them disappear in 7 days as this is what the cream says to do, use 7 days, but I will continue to do it. I suppose you can use Balmex too. I believe both contain oxide and it smothers the derm by doing so it does not spread and the weak enviroment dies out from it. Its not the cure but one major difference that will change your life. No more tanning beds for me.

By the way, make sure not to get hair spray on it, and or windex, any cleaning product, the slightest invasion to the arm will cause it to start itching like crazy, rinse it off immedietly and re-apply the cream, I do this about twice a day. Trust me, its a miracle worker, you must be diligent and patient in these mattes and be consistent witl applying this daily or you will see no results.

Best of luck to you all.