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Dermatitis Treatment and Natural Remedies

Posted by Janet.pauline (St.louis, Mo, United States) on 04/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, just wanted to drop this off. I had Contact Dermatitis over 3 months last year, supposedly from powerwashing a house down and the remnants from using oxy clean baked on my arms and caused me great ail.

However, I saw the culprit pop up 3 days after being in a tanning bed that was not clean, I should have cleaned that bed myself. I went to the doctor's twice the first time and of course I used the steroids which only caused my sugar to rise and a yeast infection accompanied that. Then he said it was time for a dermatologist, I decided it was time for a cure, no more doctors for this nonsense.

Here is what I did, yes I tried the virgin coconut oil, it helps but very short lived to stop itching and hives. The derm covered my arms, portions of my back, hips stomach under breast, inner thighs and ankles I was miserable. Nothing could touch me, it made it worse and I mean nothing.

I was beside myself and decided to smother myself in Desitin maximum strength paste, the gooey stuff. I did this for two weeks straight day and night and it cured me, thats right, it dried up this crap and it disappeared. I hesitated using it because.. Well it stinks and it makes you white. I persisted even though I was miserable 4 to 5 days into using this stuff, after all I did not care I was going to keep using this stuff just because I could. Not really knowing the outcome but wow, it started to stop itching, then it slowly formed scales and then.. Yes and then, it was gone. Please be advised, smother yourself in this stuff, keep it up, it will work, screw the dermatologist, they will keep you coming forever. I made a choice I wasnt paying for a derm, I have diabetes and endo and regular doctor is enough to pay out, that alone is a killer. So no derm and the Desitin works, please be advised, it does work. Janet