Natural Remedies

Dermatitis Treatment and Natural Remedies

Posted by Andream7878 (Knoxville, Tn) on 12/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I found that chlorine helped- at least that is my best guess- as it was the hot-tub that cleared it up. I know it sounds strange, but mine went away within a month or so just by immersing the lower part of my face into the hot tub each day (sometimes every other day)... I had the POD for a few months- much to my embarrassment and had previously tried the ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar- organic) treatment, externally and internally, as well as eliminating as much of the SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfates) from use as possible. Perhaps I just didn't get quick enough results, so when I noticed sitting in the hot-tub one time had such a profound effect (when I woke up the next day the whole area had flaked up and revealed improved skin when flakes removed), I just kept doing it. Now, it is completely gone... and the red area where the rash was, is starting to disappear as well.