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Avoid Toothpaste With Fluoride
Posted by Whitney (Denver, CO) on 12/09/2021

For months I've had a circular rash on my face. At one point it resembled ringworm so I used an anti fungal cream and nothing changed. Then I went to urgent care and got a steroid cream and the diagnosis for contact dermatitis. The rash somewhat went away when I first started using the cream but came back bigger than ever shortly thereafter. I told a friend about it and she told me the same thing happened to her because she is allergic to the fluoride in her toothpaste. I switched to fluoride free toothpaste and my rash was gone within 24 hours. I realized when I first started using the cream I was staying at a friend's house, using her toothpaste which could be why the steroid cream seemed to work at first. Just throwing this out there if anyone else is dealing with a rash on their face and treatments aren't really working.

Other symptoms I didn't correlate until now include: swollen eyes in the morning (I thought I might be allergic to my mascara) and sneezing (which isn't that unusual for me).