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Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt, Diaper Rash Cream
Posted by Sunnymummy (Seattle, Wa) on 06/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter had a bad case of PD about a year ago. I think hers was brought on by stress because it was right around the same time she broke her toe (she was 6). So I looked on this site desperate for answers after

1. Our idiot doctor told us to use hydrocortisone cream which instantly made it 100% WORSE and

2. A dermatologist told me that the only cure is steriods which I did not want to put on my 6 year old. So I started first with the ACV. I put undiluted ACV on a paper towel and held it on the effected area for a few seconds and then would remove it and blow on the skin because it would burn quite badly. My daughter was a trooper and although she would cry when it was time to do it she would let me do it anyway. So I would use the ACV 2X daily and it dried the pustules within a few hours.

However the dryness and redness got worse so I added the yogurt. I bought plain yogurt and put it on her face 2X daily for one day and although it gave her relief and was soothing it made the rash worse again. So I stopped the yogurt and added the diaper rash cream. I used the Butt Paste on her face 4X a day or more and still used the ACV on her 2x a day and after a few weeks it was totally gone!!! I was amazed, as was she, and I am SOOO glad I came here where all three remedies were suggested.

Thank you SO much! We have also used ACV to treat my other daughters horrible athletes foot, the bananas for warts remedy, and this one and so far nothing but wonderful results! Thank you EARTHCLINIC!