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Apple Cider Vinegar, Sulphur Clay Mask
Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, Tn) on 01/17/2011

I've had an outbreak of dermatits on my face, on either side of my nose and underneath my nose. I remembered I used ACV and bentonite clay for a rash I got from a swimming pool and it cleared it up in a matter of days, so I thought I would apply the same principles to my face. This is what I did:

Wash face every AM and PM with gentle soap. Used cottonball to apply H2O all over face and let sit for about a minute. Then applied ACV, full strength, with cottonball over the H2O. Let air dry and put on lotion and mineral makeup For the day ( I have a customer service job). At night I would apply the H20 and ACV, Let it dry and apply a sulfur/bentonite clay mask to only the affected areas and leave on while I slept.

I started this 5 days ago and I'm about 85% clear. Not to mention the ACV/H2O has exfoliated really well so I have smooth skin.

Hope this helps someone!