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Apple Cider Vinegar, Calendula Cream
Posted by Sally (Perth, Wa Australia) on 10/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I'm in my early 30's and always had clear skin, much to my shock after several months on lots of antibiotics(had a severe pneumonia), I broke out with a rash around my mouth, just under my bipap mask which I wear 24/7. Anyway went to dr, told it was dermatitis and was prescribed topical steroids which I took for 10 days like everyone else it made it worse. Thankfully I found this site stopped the steroids (however I am on a low dose orally which I need for my breathing), and started the apple cider, which did give me relief. I used it topically twice a day, drank it twice a day and I started taking a probiotic. Within 10 days it was better then what it was, but my face was still very red and dry, I tried coconut oil, then I tried paw paw ointment and both made me break out. So I had read on here that calendular ointment was really good as its antifungal, antiviral antibacterial and anti inflammatory. I decided to stop using the ACV topically and I bought the pure calendula ointment and to my surprise 24 hrs later I could see a improvement, 10 days later it is nearly all gone. I put it on very regularly(every 60-90 min if I remember)and it really soothes the skin etc

Things might have cleared up if I had used the mother ACV but I couldn't get any in stock at the time, also having a mask over my dermatitis did not help as I never got any fresh air on it.

However if you don't get perfect results with the ACV I recommend the calendula ointment, thank you to whoever posted that initially, it has really helped :)