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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 11/28/2013
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Yep, ACV is harming my teeth :-(

I started using ACV for other health complaints. Worked brilliantly for my prostate issues! Sadly it is certainly bad for my teeth. My teeth become sensitive after using ACV, and I have noticed cavities forming. Be careful!!

I still need the ACV as it is the best remedy for my prostate issues out there. Right now I am using a straw, but that only really saves the front teeth as the wisdom teeth and molars still get attacked by the acidity. I have to do more testing but I don't think the ACV helps my prostate when mixed with Bicarb to reduce acidity (although I found it could act as a laxative, in this case that would be due to osmotic pressure I think)

I'm wondering what else I can do ..
Making ACV gel capsules would be ideal but beyond my capabilities.
Rinse with bicarb before and after?
Take calcium supplements