Cure a Candida Infection with Herbal Remedies!

Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 01/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Update: The Garlic pills worked great. It Basically cured in 2 weeks! I'm sure fresh garlic is great too. It's the sulfur compounds that perform the miracle, so an "odorless garlic", or a pill with low sulfur is no good. The more odor, the better :) Note: Garlic has Selenium as well.

For two weeks, I used a 1500mg (500:1 concentrate), so really 3 mg of Sulfur. I took a pill every 3 hours until I felt pain (Kidney, liver, intestines), and then stopped for the day. Woke up and the pain was gone, started again.

Got some cloudy urine, some diarrhea (that looked like it had yeast in it), some bad gas pains. The pain that I mentioned... one day it was the kidney, next day it was the liver, then upper intestines, then lower intestines. Eventually hit the colon. Still taking the Niacinamide (with flush), and Vitamin C. Halted the Borax, and don't take the ACV regularly. Added some liquid-kelp (I've heard good things about iodoral for Candida problems). Added some lysine (to promote collagen and healing). Added some zinc.
With any antifungal regimen, extra water is a good idea. Divided doses are a good idea as well, so the fungus doesn't grow back inbetween doses. I change to a new garlic pill, Schiff Super Garlic (16 mg of Allyl Sulfides), looks like a good pill.

Note: there is a "die-off" effect with the mega-garlic, which is easily nutrilized within a couple hours with Ascorbate.
I feel like a million bucks, so good I was able to resume a few beers per week with no side effects. Note: I wouldn't recommend this, though.

Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, FL) on 12/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic (which has selenium and sulfer) seems to work great.

I'm trying to hit this with a lot of stuff at once. Here is what I am trying, and why.

Garlic - Selenium and Sulfer is a dandruff cure(anti-fungal)
Niacinamide - ted says it is toxic to candida. It is water soluble
Borax - cured a twitchy eye (blepharitis) (3x per week)
Vitamin C(Ascorbate) - 6000 mg, a healthy immune system can better fight candida
ACV - cured my fingers (also appears in tropicana anti-oxidant advantage juice)
Some websites seem to say to avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, because it can cause canker sores. Sulfer is an antifungal... I think the Sulfate kills the candida, and then you have a hole in your mouth. I'd rather have a canker sore that Vitamin C will cure, rather than candida.

Others recommend avoiding milk. Milk Contains Lactoferrin-B which kills Candida.

Here is an article discussing Lactoferrin peptides:
It is somewhat interesting that the medical community calls Acetate and Garlic Anti-oxidents. That may be true, but they are also anti-fungals.

I haven't tried iodine yet, will try soon. That being said, the vitamin c megadose(along with some of the other stuff) seems to be working great.

In fact, after adding the garlic, I've had an "age spot", or "genetic skin lesion" disappear. Silly Dermatologists.

Posted by stephen (wichita, kansas) on 02/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic is and has been a miracle cure for a entire host of ailments. Candida, which causes a condition known as candida albacons is caused by the continued use of underarm deoderants, toothpaste, mouth washes, many prescription medications and the list goes on. There are enzymes in the body and its blood supply and organs. The use of the above mentioned products kills the enzyme that would otherwise be present to devour yeast in the body. When this happens, the yeast will over produce and is linked to over 98% of all known cancers (Meaning 100% of all known naturally occurring cancers). The enzymes found in raw garlic replaces the body's naturally occurring enzymes and takes on the role of instantly killing the yeast. When this happens, the bloat in your body will then shrink, you will breath much better, your kidneys will love you for garlic consumption. Your liver gets along with garlic very well as does the heart. Mixing cayenne pepper with the consumption of raw garlic helps to dialate blood vessels all throughout your body. This combination is extremely effective for impotence. I have learned this information from trial and error and have it down now as a proven fact. ENJOY GODS gift of Garlic.