Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects

| Modified on Jun 10, 2024
Below Earth Clinic readers describe Covid-19 vaccination side effects and natural remedies that have helped them.

If you have experienced any side effects, please send us your feedback, along with any remedies that may help. Thank you!

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Activated Charcoal

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Posted by Koys (Michigan) on 12/22/2021

I take activated charcoal before and after the vaccine (any one), preferably on an empty stomach and best in the morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Posted by Jennifer (Texas) on 07/27/2021

I just saw your video on baking soda and apple cider vinegar detox. I've noticed that baking soda helps with vax transmission. I can't wait to try this with a pinch of iodized salt. I have collected numerous suggestions for vax transmission remedies. Let me know if anyone would like more information.

Replied by Sally
(Sacramento CA)

What do you mean by vax transmission? How does one take this remedy and how often and when?

Replied by afr malatesta

I'd love for you to share this Excellent info

Replied by Poppy

Love to read about ways to help the body cope with C19 vaccination.🙏


there are lots of FB groups sharing informations on this topic one of them is called "died suddenly" but they share links for help with symptoms.

Replied by Jeana
(Aotearoa, New Zealand)

Thank you for this remedy. I will try it. Keep safe.

Replied by Ashley.c
(Linden, Michigan)

Jennifer, I would sure appreciate seeing your list of remedies for the jab transmissions! I definitely have weird chest pains, twinges and heart palpitations after going to the store or chiropractor, where there's many people. Ugh. What can we do? Thank you in advance! ❤

(Cabarlah, qld.)

I've recently read that Nigella black seed oil can help with heart issues post-vax. Wild as the Wind website in UK has written about this with heaps of references.

Replied by Teresa
(Harlingen, Texas)

Is this detox for before the jab? Could I please have more info? Thank you.

Replied by Lynn
(Tauranga NZ)

I would love to receive your further info re helping vaccination side effects.thanx

Replied by Catherine

Please send exact recipe...amounts. Thanks

Replied by Rosamund
(Northern Ireland)

Please would you share the various remedies you have collected by way of protection against shedding including the protocol for baking soda. Thank you

Blood Pressure Spike, Joint Pain

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Posted by Wendy427 (Columbus, OH) on 01/26/2021 24 posts

I received my first COVID vaccine (the first of two Pfizer vaccines) on Thursday, 1/21/2021.

Here's a quote from a Google search on what the potential side effects are:

"The most commonly reported side effects, which typically lasted several days, were pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, and fever. Of note, more people experienced these side effects after the second dose than after the first dose, so it is important for vaccination providers and recipients to expect that there may be some side effects after either dose, but even more so after the second dose."

Within 3 hours after receiving the first dose, my blood pressure spiked to 158/95. My normal BP is 117/74. I called my doctor who said it was only a result of my anxiety and worry over getting the vaccine, and "he wasn't concerned". Really?! Since, then my BP has more-or-less stabilized.

However, within the last couple of days, the middle joint on one of my fingers has become painful. I do NOT have symptomatic osteoarthritis (I'm 65). I regularly use turmeric/OVCO/pepper and eat relatively healthfully.

I confirmed with my functional medicine practitioner that the BP spike is definitely a side effect of the vaccine. It has been reported by vaccine recipients, but this side effect has NOT been shared with the public!

If anyone has any adverse side effects from any of the COVID vaccines (Pfizer or least for now, until new brands are released), you can report these side effects using a link on the CDC website. Here's the CDC site that addresses "Clinical Considerations".

Here's the direct link to report adverse side effects: VAERS = Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

For now, I'm treating my painful finger joint with soaking in Epsom Salts, drinking lots of my turmeric/OVCO/pepper concoctions, and making sure I eliminate any/all forms of sugar from my diet. And, of course, hoping it goes away!

Any other suggestions, please share :-)

Replied by Wendy
(Dublin, OH)

Continuation of my original post: I've been slathering castor oil on my painful finger joint and wrapping it. Seems to be helping a little.

Replied by Wendy
(Dublin, OH)

I slathered castor oil (cold-pressed & solvent-free) over the painful knuckle joint of my finger and covered it overnight. 80% pain-free right now.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
488 posts

I haven't had a vaccine but, just in case it's mandated, I got some homeopathic chemical detox spray and, in my research into rebounding, have gathered quite a bit of data re the lymphatic system. I wasn't even aware my ankles were still swollen before I started rebounding but apparently they were as they're not now. It's only been a couple of weeks but, from what I gather, with regard to the lymphatic system, it makes sense.

Plus, I had Covid last spring but never got my strength back. Rebounding has also not only fixed that but I am also far more steady on my feet than I've been in a long time and both came from just 3 days of bouncing on the edge of my bed while I waited for delivery of a yoga ball that was suggested for those who couldn't rebound standing up. By the time my yoga ball arrived, I was rebounding on my old rebounder, standing up so...for what it's worth.


For Cindy re: rebounding

how do you rebound on the edge of the bed?

(Orlando, FL)

To rebound on the edge of the bed, just put the rebounder by the bed, put your feet on it and gently push up and down. You don't even have to lift your feet. You can google rebounding and there is lots of information.


So does this mean you could rebound while sitting on the bed using a balance ball? I don't have a rebounder.

(Illinois, USA)

How I rebound on the edge of the bed is just by sitting on it and bouncing. You can do it with your feet on the floor and use your feet to bounce or sit back further so that your feet are off the floor and just bounce, naturally, which engages the abs and glutes or you can use your arms, holding them out with your elbows bent and thrusting them upward.

When you regain your strength, you can hold your legs out straight and use your arms, abs and glutes which is actually quite a workout!

I don't know why it takes so little time to get such a noticeable amount of strength back. Possibly, the lymph, in the increased flow, is sort of massaging the connections between the muscles and the brain but I just don't know. If that's what's happening, then muscles don't weaken the way we think they do. Whether the build up of toxins in the cells is pushed on through with the circulation of lymph, freeing them up or slips some sort of electrical switch between the muscles and the brain and nervous system or...I just don't know.

One thing is that you need to drink water and get hydrated. I spent a couple of days chasing muscle discomfort all over the place until I saw a video about the importance of hydration with regard to lymph. It is thought that the toxins it's designed to flush out will settle into places along the lymphatic system that are less stimulated. Which sort of makes sense as I would "work" the sore spot and it would simply move somewhere else until I got back on the hydration wagon.

I talk about hydration all the time but I'm rubbish at keeping myself hydrated. Fortunately, the old cell phone timer set to go off every two hours to make me remember to drink 8 ounces of water helps a LOT as I have the alarm sound set to something particularly annoying, ROFL!

Replied by Sherri

Hey, Wendy & others.....First things first. This jab is not a vaccine. Read the info on Mod3rn@'s own web-site. What they are essentially doing is injecting an operating system into your body. Sort of like what they do to make a GMO - genetically modified organism. There is no virus at all in these jabs, unlike a true v@ccine. (which are all dangerous, as well)

You may want to re-consider getting that 2nd dose. Many are dying all over the world from this jab. Or, getting permanent damage.

Many doctors and others well-versed in these types of things are fairly screaming from the roof tops not to get jabbed with this. However, they are being censored as never before.

As for your adverse effect, not really sure what to do. Perhaps taking some charcoal or clay internally or a paste externally may help remove some of the toxins. Maybe try soaking in baking soda or make a paste with baking soda. Maybe DMSO. With out knowing what is actually causing it to swell & be painful, hard to know what to suggest.

Please read N@tur@l News on the topic or CHD (Children's Health Defense)

Also, check this out:

Take care......


Sherri, hope this is ok to ask here, but is there advice for how to mitigate the effects of this when we are so pressured to get this vaccine? And/or do you have a suggestion of where to get more information about how to get around getting it? (I know just enough to know I don't want it, but not how to resist the intense family and peer-group pressure to get it. I will appreciate any advice or information, thank you.)


Absolutely yes, Julie! Ask away & I will share what I can.

I do not remember if any sources mentioned how to mitigate adverse effects, as the experts I have read totally recommend against it. Since it is not a true v@ccin3 at all, the usual remedies for de-toxing from a jab do not apply.

I listed two resources in my above comment. That is a start. Also, GreenMedInfo. I will include more articles at the end of my reply. (You will have to 'copy & paste')

As for resisting the pressure, how about 'my body / my choice' to begin? No one else has to live with the results but you. Or, make the subject off-limits; you know, boundaries. You have agency. No one can make this decision for you, so since you have decided not to take it, what more is there to discuss?

Also, this is an experimental jab, not an approved medical procedure. Anyone that gets this is, in effect, just part of a huge experiment. None of the manufacturers can be held responsible if there is an injury. A liability-free product? No thanks! Another thing: Over 99% of people who are actually sick recover fine, so why get jabbed? The actual death rate from C19 is less than the seasonal flu.

Also, check out Worldometer. I understand this site is considered a very reliable source for statistics.

Take care.....


Thank you for this info...I was bound and determined NOT to get this vaccine and am mad at myself for doing dr and chiropractor both were of the same opinion, but functional medicine NP, has not...Reading Dr Shellenberger gives me hope that we are not giving into the cancer/diabetes/virus/you name it industries...because that is what our health care system has become...Corporate make money and cover your ass...What worries me is that won't rest until ‘my body', ‘my choice' is a thing of the past..In the stories of the Dr's patients, the relatives that sued were MDs..too many people are drinking the Kool aid. Sorry to go on..I will NOT be taking the second dose...

(Las Vegas, NV)

Each state has their own laws with regard to vaccines. Mandatory, etc. You can check out the website to verify laws in your state and keep up on the legislation. Even though 'employers' are mandating, some are not legally able to do so. You can provide them with the statute/laws in your state. If they violate the law by termination, etc. you may have legal recourse.


Dear Sherri,

Thanks for all of your great information. I would never consider getting the "vaccine" but my grown daughters have both succumbed to the pressure. I am very upset about it as I have sent many studies and articles, & warnings to them both over many months. So now I want to find a natural treatment for any harm that these jabs may do. What do you think of the idea that VitD3/zinc and VitC might be a good start? Combined with hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic, they are the suggested therapeutic protocol for early onset covid. I include a talk from MedCram about the way VitD3 works as a hormone, not a nutrient permeating cellular activity to correct and maintain. With melatonin perhaps and diatomaceous earth? I would love to get your thoughts on this. Many thanks.

P.S. Here is a URL from a MedCram talk on the action of VitD in protecting cells as a possible vaccine-harm mitigator.


I hear that Life Insurance policies are not paid out in the event of death from an "experimental gene therapy", so there's that.


Thank you for this "dose" of sanity! I concur wholeheartedly.


Just say NO, it KILLS people, I have been told of so many people getting all sort of injuries.

Would you play Russian Roulette just "hoping" you do not end up with the live round?

If you take the clotshot there is every chance you will suffer severely.

Please research, remember the CDC & a study showed that only about 1% of adverse events are ever reported, so what is on VAERS for death & AEs, multiply by 100.


I appreciate you speaking up about this. I know a few people who died after it and many people with heart conditions and seizers now


I apologize ahead of time for this rant...

Since last posting...SO many people - friends, family, have developed 'symptoms' or conditions such as Afib - especially in men, I have always had low low BP, but now is elevated at 130/80...I continue to have off and on GI issues. My very healthy husband, who will take and do anything they a booster and then within a few weeks developed Afib and has been battling it for almost a year. My best friend's daughter (who was very afraid of covid despite warnings to childbearing women), got the jab while pregnant and sure enough developed placenta previa! Luckily after scary preemie baby and almost a failure to thrive, child is doing well...The disturbing thing to me is her fear of covid to the extent that she doesn't allow children out of the house or contact with family members...etc... The media, social media, and big pharma, along with government and other entities, have created a propaganda bubble to have power and make money by instilling FEAR and panic... I am a nurse and have spoken to many health care professionals who are appalled and alarmed as to the take down of our health care system and patients' rights. How many people died BECAUSE they were alone in a hospital that allowed no one to be with advocacy for the patient. No one to be with the patient and alert as to the patient not breathing or other needs...the hospitals were understaffed and would have welcomed any help. One thing I have heard Doctors say is that there were many treatments, and they were not offered...instead patients told to "go home". We have to give the health care system back to the health care providers - and I'm not talking about administrators, insurance companies, and especially BIG PHARMA, AND BIG GOVERNMENT. In my opinion...THE WHOLE WORLD HAS BEEN POISONED!

Mary Anne
(Bowling Green, KY)

That's not true, I work for a life insurance company and they will pay.

Replied by Sherri

Here is another excellent article by Dr Mercola on the C19 jab:


Thank you, Sherri!


Hi Fenimore,

I am not Sherri, but I listened to a recent interview with Dr.Gabriel Cousens on Lost Arts Radio, who believes that adequate iodine can negate some ill effects of the experimental jab.


Thank you so much for that. I'm adding kelp to the vax protection list.

Replied by L

The covid vaccines have hydrogel, nanoparticles (lipid coated), and of course other things also. Laboratory tests have shown the chlorine dioxide (oxidant) will breakdown the hydrogel and nanoparticles. (see MMS treatment) It works best if alternated with things (antioxidant) such as ZINC, NAC, Borax (see Ted's posts on this), and occasional use of activated charcoal or bentonite, and detox stuff to help removal of the breakdown products.

The neutrophils have enzymes that make the chlorine dioxide but not enough is produced. The main problem with chlorine dioxide is if you don't dilute it enough, or take too much, so care must be taken when using it be sure to read all the precautions before trying it and start slow. Ivermectin ( horse dewormer) will bind with the spike protein and help to keep that at a lower level, but if vaccinated your body will continue to make those spike proteins, and you will be on ivermectin every day for the rest of your life.?? It attacks nerves, and blood vessels, ovaries, hormones, ect, so nerve damage is probably from spike proteins. If you have damage from blood clots that is another problem and one that needs to be addressed in addition. damaged tissues need to be healed. There are many things you can take for nerve damage, B12 and hellicrysium oil are just a few.


I am not sure anything can negate the nano particles in all the vaccines after Dr. Robert Young published the breakdown of what was in each vaccine.

It seems logical that the only thing that can disable these programs would be an electrical override of the bodies own electrical system, shut the body down, and reboot it almost like what happens to a computer with a energy spike in shutting down.

That seems to be what would disable or destroy the nano particulates.

IMO, this needs to happen before these nano particles are put into play.

(Planet Earth)

Hydrogel and the Jabs in general are loaded with graphene Oxide. Can MMS take care of that too?

Replied by Volker
(Berlin (Germany))

Regarding your painful finger joint - have you tried applying DMSO? Best regards.

Replied by Fritzie
Replied by Jane

Not a cure but you may get info at website. childrenshealthdefense. org. It is a government site. They track the VAERS data., They've been banned from some platforms these past couple years. Lately, legal support is encouraging and bringing to light the complications that folks report. Robert Kennedy Jr. released a book this year.


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Posted by JerryJerry D (Maui) on 11/09/2021

After receiving my first mnra vaccine, within 4 hours my heart rate was sky high and has continued so for 6 weeks now. It also caused scary palpatations, chest pain, extreme fatigue. My primary care doctor said no way could this be from the vaccine. Really?? Luckily my chiropractor suggested 400mg COQ10 daily and it miraculously has stopped the symptoms pretty much.

Replied by Laura

Did you have high and low heart rate or just high?

Covid Vaccine Reactions

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Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee ) on 01/31/2021

I happened across this article about a delayed reaction from the Covid shot. A number of people experience a significant rash on the arm with other symptoms 8 days from the first vaccination.

Just something to be aware of.

The author also experienced a swollen lymph node. I wonder if stepping up one's immune preventatives (vitamin c, etc) in the weeks following vaccination would be helpful?

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sherri

Hey, Mama......{HUGS} to you. Glad you chimed in here. I am always glad to see your posts!

Thank you for the link. These are the types of articles many will read on the subject, so I would like to make some observations on it for the beautiful citizens of EC Nation:

To all readers here at EC:

What I noticed in the article that 'Mama to Many' linked is pretty much the same as in all the others by the jab pushers-----minimization of the body's efforts to tell us something is wrong. That is what an adverse-effect basically is; the body's attempt to rid itself of toxins, poisons & so on, the body's natural reaction to an assault or something gone wrong.

If all y'all have noticed, the adverse effects of shots are almost always dismissed and/or minimized with the words: 'Oh, that's just a 'common side-effect'. Since this is far different than any other jab thus far, 'side-effects' could appear who knows how many days/weeks/months/years down the road. Plus, one 'side-effect' that many who have taken this jab have experienced has been death.

Well, a 'common side-effect' of being shot with a gun is that one bleeds, has a gaping wound and sometimes dies. Just because that is a 'common side-effect' of being shot with a gun, does that make it OK to be shot with a gun? Is it just a benign thing that will just 'go away'?

Apply the common phrases used by jab pushers & substitute 'being shot by a gun' & see if the rationalizations still hold up. I think not. Just because something is 'common' does not make it all OK.

Anywho.....I will just stop here and share this link.

In this document, scroll down to page 17 and take a gander. Still want to line up for this jab?

Love to all.....


Dear Sherri,

Thanks for your logic there and thoughts!

I had a jumble of thoughts as I read the article - but didn't take time to write any out while using just a phone. ;)

I thought it was interesting that it was a doctor who wrote the article and agreed that it was a vaccine reaction and took note of how many reported the same side effect.

The doctor said to tell your doctor if you have side effects, but I am not sure that always happens. 27 years ago my first child had a vaccine reaction and I told my doctor and she said it wasn't a reaction. (Fever and high pitched screaming all night apparently didn't sound like a reaction to her?) Anyway, I suspect the reality of reactions are way more than the "statistics" show. (After that reaction, btw, we felt it best for us not to vaccinate our children any more.)

And, as you said, what are the long term side effects?

It does make me sorry that there are many that will be required to get a vaccine against their own preference, to keep their jobs, when their own health could be adversely affected in the process.

Meanwhile, I trust that everyone will keep their covid virus and vaccine reaction remedies posted! I am sure thankful for the remedies I learned about here - especially high dose melatonin (thank you, Art! )

~Mama to Many~

(Las Vegas, N.V)

I am very concerned about all those vaccines. Can one imagine having a immune system very compromised, like those more mature ones, our veterans and others who have underlying conditions, and are on a quite a lot of medications...What do you think will happen then? Here on Earth Clinic they suggest so many alternatives, what a pleasure to read! The bottom line is working to rebuild and repair ones immune system, so as not to catch any viral conditions, which by the one viruses are all arond us always. Of course if one chose to take it their choice, Actually more can be done!! Suma G Nathan, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Planetary Chinese Herbologist pioneering Holistic since the 1960's


Dear Mama, {{{HUGS}}} So sorry you went through that with your first little one. I hope you fired that so-called 'Dr'! Glad to hear you stopped the shots after that. Many don't 'get it' or they give in to pressure & go on v@ccin@ting, even after a child has had severe reaction &/or damage.

I had a dear friend whose 2nd child had a very severe adverse reaction (her 1st child had no issues or reactions at all, she had no clue about adverse reactions....but that was early 80's, before there were so many jabs 'on the schedule') Soon after, I became pregnant & she made sure she educated me on the jabs. I am eternally grateful to her for that. I refused the shots for my son (just a single dose of polio, at age 7) & he has a life-time exemption. My first book I read on the subject, "A Shot in the Dark" by the beloved Barbara Loe Fisher sealed the deal for me.

Of the people I know who have gotten the C19 jab, they have all had horrible sickness / reactions.

PS: Yeppers..... a cell phone has serious limitations that way ;)

Take care & love to you.....

Pam E.
(Southern California)
140 posts

You must have meant *PAGE* *EIGHTEEN* ... not 17 ... Assuming you intended us to read what it says regarding the *FDA Covid vaccine safety surveillance Plan*.)

Forge On!
(Midwest Of Usa)

Hey, Pam E.......Hope all is well with you. I am not signed up to get notified when someone responds to my comments, so I am just now seeing this reply from you.

Actually, the thing that I was hoping to point out in this document is that DEATH is listed as a known & fully expected 'reaction' to these jabs. Yea, do not sign me up! (PS: I post under two names---Forge On! And Sherri)

Though the mention of a 'safety surveillance plan' should be a pretty telling warning!

Replied by Sandy
(Naperville, IL)

My question, is I feel breathless when I am stressed or during high humidity. I do yoga breathing exercises and other home remedies read on EC, and manage my health and I am quite active except for those days when I feel breathless. So is it okay to take a vaccine? Because I depend a lot on home remedies and I keep suggesting people google earth clinic about any health problem in this world. I am stressed about the vaccine and in dilemma whether to take the vaccine.

Pacific Coast Lady
(Crescent City, CA)

Hi Sandy, for me doing as much of my own research has been the best, and to remain open-minded. Everyone has their own opinion but hopefully it can be based on facts. I took the Maderna 2-shots vaccine and after the 2nd about a week later, I felt it was harder to get a good, deep breath, but just barely. I have to tell you this has happened to me long before the vaccines. For me, I believe it's when I get anxious or stressed, and often when I am walking my pace of 4 mpr. I worried it was the vaccine, but not sure.

It's a personal decision whether or not we decide to take the vaccine. I think it's fair to listen to other's opinions, and read any studies etc. Then we have to decide ourselves. I was way against it in the beginning, I "heard" scary things, but I also knew I didn't want to get whatever was killing so many people.

I knew that was not a lie as people in my, small town were getting sick, and some died. So again, it had to be my decision. I've not yet heard any of my friends which live in other Countries and other States of the US that have been forced to take a vaccine. That doesn't mean it isn't happening, I just haven't heard anything on that.

Covid Vaccine Recovery Remedies

Posted by fenimore (uk) on 04/13/2021

Hello Earthclinic, I posted earlier about my desire to find a natural protocol that might protect people (my daughters) who have, against my advice, had the AZ vaccine. So far I am thinking Vit D3, Vit C, Zinc, melatonin & diatomaceous earth. Your thoughts on this would be very welcome. I am sure there are many people who will need and want some help post-vaccine. Many thanks.

Replied by Paracelsus
(Orlando, fl)
47 posts

Add milk kefir to your great choice of 3 supplements. Why Kefir? It is the world's best probiotic.

Probiotics are essential in re-building and maintaining your intestinal microbiome. Your gut microbiome is 80% of your immune system! And nobody stresses that fact or the importance of probiotics. If 80% of your immune system is your microbiome, then why not spend 80% of your focus on your microbiome's health?


Thank you Paracelsus. I make wonderful milk kefir using organic whole milk and will now include this on my list of injection antidotes. I just took my new immune system daily support protocol of Vit D, VitC, zinc, lysine, kelp (for iodine) and cod liver oil WITH a glass of gorgeous kefir. Now to get my grown children on board.

Replied by fenimore

Here is the sort of recovery protocol I am talking about. I found it on NaturalNews and there are some interesting ideas here for us to consider.

To interrupt the spike protein your need Black Elderberry, 50 mg. Zinc, 5000 IUs D3, and 2000 mg. daily Vitamin C (use 500 mg doses for max absorption), and 600 mg. NAC. To interrupt the nanobots, 3 mg. boron daily. The boron info came from an undercover agent using the code name Gene Decode. There is also a soak and an oral solution that has been made available on several websites. It uses 1 cup Borax, 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup Epson salts, 1 cup Himalayan sea salt or Red Moon Salt (never table salt) for the soak. Water as hot as you can stand it but don't burn your skin. Soak for about 10 minutes. You will need to put as much of your body and head in the water as possible. Wear heavy rubber gloves to clean the tub using clorox and wipe it all down. Throw everything away in sealed heavy plastic bags. The oral solution is 1 pinch of Borax in 1 pint of distilled water. Max 1/8 tsp for every 100 pounds of body weight for 3 days.


I never miss one of Mike's Situation updates. Very informative and he genuinely cares about humanity and health.

It breaks my heart the extent "THEY" have gone to poison mankind.

I thank Glenn Beck for opening my eyes to agenda 21, now 30.

Forge On!
(Midwest Of Usa)

Hey, Jill......Fellow NN Citizen here! I, too, listen to Mike every update & read nearly every article. Love his twisted sense of humor (Most of the time / sometimes I cringe) Grateful for his resources and reporting. Have been following him for a very long time, all the way back when he called his main site NewsTarget. (Maybe 20 years? I lose track for time! )

Mary Anne H.
(Marengo IL)

Finally someone that has listed the supps &the amounts!!! Thank you so much for taking time to share this protocol.

Covid Vaccine Success

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Posted by Gingermegs (Iowa) on 09/24/2021

I had a sore arm for a day and was a little tired. I am 70 years old with autoimmune and COPD. The vaccine saved my life when my whole family got covid. My 45 year old niece died of covid.

Covid-19 Vaccine Remedies

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Posted by Indira (Netherlands) on 06/18/2021 6 posts

Dear reader,

I have been doing research on natural healing for covid and vaccines for a year and a half now. I would like to share here my findings on vaccine detox. I have not recived one and not planning on having one either, so I can not confirm from myself, that some of my proposals will work.

1st things 1st

VITAMIN D- make sure your levels are up during whole year. VITAMIN C - Take liposomal (make your own with ultrasonic cleaner and lechitine, look up on youtube for video instructions)
GLUTHATHION again only liposomal will work, other types will end up in your toilet. ZINC (below in text more on zinc)

LIPOSOMAL whatever you take, try to make it liposomal. mRNA also uses fat emulsion to get into your cell, so you need a stronger weapon than synthetic RNA.

Now to specific vaccine (sometimes also TEST) ingredients:

SPIKE PROTEIN seems to be the biggest problem of the vaccine. So far natural health news has reported that pine needle tea will be an antidote to spike protein. Dr. Judy Mykovits have reported that Suramin is the antidote, but Suramin must be injected. As you will most probably not be able to get this prescribed by your doctor, you can make suramin by extracting pine needles in tea.

I also have a feeling that Ivermectine might be helpful here, but can not confirm with certainty. As spike protein is the problem in Covid itself, and ivermectine seem to deal with it very well I think it might help from damage from vaccine as well. Can not tell you anything about dossage or what so ever this is something a doktors needs to figure out. I know that natural version of ivermectine is a black wallnutt tincture, but again I dont know anything about how to take it in, dosage etc. you must find this out yourself before start taking it.

MORGELLONS might be a problem as well, you can find here on earthclinic more about detoxing morgellons. So I will not go further into this.

GRAPHENE OXIDE seem to be the part that makes people magnetic. It plays a large role with the gluthathion levels, so one should take liposomal gluthahtion as well. Not sure the dossage, you need to find this out I guess age and waigth might play a role. Also maybe go to soon you notice the magnetisam in your arm. Sooner you go better will be. It will spread adventually all over your body, so as long it's in your arm, I would take a magnet to Dr.and tell him to cut me up on the vaccine spot and place a magnet there.

HYDROGEL - ivermectine

HEAVY METALS Again, a lot is written on EC and I have learned everything about detoxing heavy metals on this website. Make sure you read more there, I would just like to add a few experiences which I have learned in 10 year detox.


Focus on what you must eat, drink, smear rather than on what you are not allowed to eat, drink...
So rather add things to your diet than remove.
Dont turn your all life upside down when detoxing.
Dont stop drinking, smoking, eating junk food and start to eat healthy and excersise all at once. Do it step by step. See above focus on what you must do rather what you are not allowed.

Before starting any new treatment first read all about that specific product. When to take it, when are you not allowed to take it, how much, how often, what will it cure. No matter how innocent it looks (think herbs, spices, vinegar...)

Charcoal and Sodium Bicarbonate is great for the critical moments but you can not keep taking it for a long period. So rather go for Chlorella. Read more on EC about these remedies.

FURTHER you must take every winter from now on starting october till march vitamin D min. 4000IU.
(shortage can be recognized by broken lip ends or moth ends not sure about english name)
Liposomal vit. C high dosage 15mg per day, every day.
(shortige feeling that there is a black hole in your middle that want to pull everything into it)
ZINC but not just a pill, that will not work. Eather pill in combination with green tea, tonic or quercetin or eat oath flakes every day for 2 weeks. (Zinc shortage can be recognized by white spots on your nails.)
B12 is in beef and veal mostly, , also in Kefir but you might have to supplement it even when you eat beef. It is very often short in people, (loss of concentration and thinking straight, tong is zigzag on the sides)

Speaking of Kefir, everyone must drink it every day no matter how healthy.


Replied by Kaylee

First off, COVID is a 99.99 recovery rate for people under the age of 45 and has is 99.8% recovery for 45 and over. The Lancet published that the vaccine is .84 effective that is less than 1%. CDC states 94% of the people hospitalized had 2.6 pre-existing conditions. Obesity, diabetes lung, and respiratory ailments. Many doctors reported another pre-existing condition which is high blood pressure and anxiety.

The first vax autopsy revealed spike protein in all the organs that means we now know spike protein causes organ damage that is the study coming out of Japan. India is now using Ivermectin and it has dropped like a rock. The PCR was giving false positives, like 97% of the time, so after many months of use, they finally decided to stop it The top chief immunologist at medical school here laughed about the absurdity of using that test since they do not subscribe to such testing method. A blood draw is taken to check for antibodies. Many experts sounded the early alarm regarding introducing a vaccine during a pandemic. The concern was antibody-dependent enhancement and immune escape. We are now seeing this. ADE is something all virologists are aware of they have remained silent because of today's current climate, of discrediting or smearing the messenger. Listen to Dr. Luc Montagenier the world's top virologist and Nobel Prize recipient. We will see if his words come to pass or not. Doctors will try to find new ways to detox people from this. Also most states do not allow individuals that have taken this vaccine to give blood or be an organ donor, due to the spike proteins. Exception being California

233 posts

Kaylee you have a lot of good ideas, and you articulate well, I'm looking for the lancet 0.84% article you mentioned, would well appreciate if you have a link.

Replied by Mike

Recently a doctor's video has gone viral with the claim that the spike protein in the mRNA therapies being passed off as vaccines is the very pathogen that makes SARS-CoV2 so dangerous. Apparently the reported side effects of these injected therapies are the result of the spike protein causing micro-clotting, as well as adhering to various organs and causing conditions like myocarditis.

I also saw a video that claims that the best known natural response to the spike protein is glutathione. And the best supplement to aid your body in producing glutathione is n-acetyl cysteine. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but since this information began to become known a couple of months ago someone is now trying to claim proprietary rights to n-acetyl cysteine after decades of safe use as a nutritional supplement. I believe Amazon has now pulled the product from its platform, but you can still find it from other sources.

Here is an article describing how n-acetyl cysteine aids your immune system.

Replied by Betty

I need some serious advice!

I know someone who needs to detox the vaccine as much as possible. The person is so sick now with several aliments such as lung congestion, gut troubles, stiff neck, fatigue.

Did anyone find a good detox protocol and is willing to share it?

6 posts

Hi Betty. Yes by now a lot of people have confirmed that gluthathion helped them. To increase gluthathion one can use NAC or lipeosomal gluthathion (must be liposomal or it will not work) or whey powder. I would take chlorella as well. It will bind to heavy metals. You can take it as often as needed (you can drink 60 tabs a day without a problem, exept for your wallet). I usualy needed 1 a day, but sometimes 6. Take it whenever you feel bad, down, sick or when you have bad thoughts. (it helps to clear the head from everything).

Lung congestion I would treat with appel cider vinniger (find a recepie here on this website) and I find it helpful to make a paste with sodium bicarbonate and body lotion (a hand full of sodium bic.) and smear it on the chest. For the stomach ACV will help as well, but also kefir and drinking sodium bicarb with magnesium chloride.

Read my post (the one under which you replayed) in there there is a full detox explanation. If you have any questions let me know.

Stiff neck comes from the gut and the cell stress probably just as fatique.

(somewhere, europe)

Betty, they can start with frequent h2o2 inhalations. I know someone here for whom Chlorine Dioxide was the answer. Read up on it.


Thank you Thank you very much!

I added the things I didn't know about from your studies. I also rec'd the person do detox baths with citric acid and baking soda (thinking that might help).

I am worried for sure. I will update when/if I see improvement with them.

It is a terrible suffering they are going through.


Thank you very much for the H2P idea. Hadn't thought of that.

I have read so many studies of how good it is and also personal experiences here on this site.

I have Chlorine Dioxide and wanted to present it to the person but not to sure if it would be accepted right now. I kind of mentioned it and the history of it already.

My friend declining health from dbl vax is on the fence of debilitating (lost so much work time, couch is the go to for hours and hours, the cough is so terrible, digestive issues are alarming to me, ect).

Demodex and Intestinal Parasites

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Posted by Laura McB. (Cornwall, UK) on 04/21/2021

RE: The AstraZenica Covid shot.

I had the first one ten weeks ago. Within two weeks, I was having an attack of Demodex that is STILL going on, despite a round of Thuja followed by arsenicum album as advised by my homeopath. We are going to repeat the Thuja. I also developed intestinal worms after the shot; Citricidal has dealt with that. But the demodex is making me want to die, literally. I know we all have all this stuff in our bodies all the time, and only notice if something sets it off. The "vaccine" did. Horribly. I am terrified that I'll be living with itching and pimples/lesions for the rest of my life. I wish I had not taken the first shot; needless to say, I won't be taking the second.

Replied by fenimore

I'm thinking Ivermectin. It is a harmless anti-parasitical treatment used by vets. Also often named as effective against Covid19.

(Celeste, Texas)

When I read that the active ingredient in ivermectin was black walnut hulls, I remembered that black walnut hulls are in over the counter parasitic for humans. I bought 6 bottles from amazon just in case.

(Asheville, NC)

Where did you read that? I can't find any confirmation online. The only ingredient I have heard mentioned is Japanese soil bacteria.

(Arizona USA)

Your info is incorrect. While black walnut hulls may be anti-parasitic, they do not contain Ivermectin. Ivermectin is the active ingredient and is derived from soil that is found in a certain area in Japan.

afr malatesta

How much black walnut hull dry or liquid do you use? Whats dosage? Where can I check? Thank you


I think you were misinformed. "Ivermectin is an orally bioavailable macrocyclic lactone derived form Streptomyces avermitilis..." Streptomyces avermitilis was found in soil near a golf course in Japan. Ivermectin is the active ingredient from that soil bacteria. Be careful to look up things you read or hear so you don't pass on wrong information to the community. :) (be careful to use good practice when using black walnut hulls, they can be dangerous if not used carefully).

(Destin, FL)

Wanted to find out if you are doing the pill form of the Black Walnut Hull or the "liquid dropper".

Jayna D.
(Orange County Southern CA)

I understand that Ivermectin comes from the herb Wormwood a.k.a. Sweet Artemisia. Right now Swanson Vitamins (a great Web source) Has bottles of these capsules on sale for less than $4.00. I ordered a few. This is less expensive and possibly more natural than the drug. They also carry Black Walnut hulls capsules dirt cheap. This may help kill harmful Candida Albicans in our bodies.

Replied by Violet
(Cerrillos, NM)

Borax used topically helps get rid of mites.


Hi Linda (Celeste, Texas) -

Thank you for that information. I never thought of looking up the ingredient list for Ivermectin!

Since the health food stores where I live don't seem to have much variety any more, I have found an online store that sells both liquid and pill versions of black walnut hulls. One brand even has wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) in it. Sounds promising.

It is said to:

  • Help relieve digestive disturbances/dyspepsia
  • Help stimulate appetite and aid digestion
  • Convenient liquid format
  • Formulated for bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections
  • Ideal for vegans

It might be handy to have - along with the zinc, quercetin, NAC, vitamin D, hydrogen peroxide and so on.




LA RAE,,, ORH here and have no clue about this conversation but lots of Black Walnut trees in Tn. What I have learned about them is the roots will kill garden veggies and little will grow under that tree. I first learned of the anti-fungal properties of the juice from a green walnut when I had ringworm that over the counter stuff would not kill. This was in Arkansas back in the 70's. A guy from Tn told me about this property. A sack of crushed green walnuts will kill all the fish in a pool. Our ancestors used this trick to keep from starving. We really are not too smart, are we? Our ancestors lived close to the earth, and we don't. Big pharma is our God. ===ORH===

(New York)

Greetings to EC and Everyone,

Ingredients in Ivermectin Tablets,

Excerpt From Drugs .Com regarding Ivermectin tablets ingredients

"Ivermectin Tablets Description

Ivermectin is a semisynthetic, anthelmintic agent for oral administration. Ivermectin is derived from the avermectins, a class of highly active broad-spectrum, anti-parasitic agents isolated from the fermentation products of Streptomyces avermitilis. Ivermectin is a mixture containing at least 90% 5-O-demethyl-22,23-dihydroavermectin A1a and less than 10% 5-O-demethyl-25-de(1-methylpropyl)-22,23-dihydro-25-(1-methylethyl)avermectin A1a, generally referred to as 22,23-dihydroavermectin B1a and B1b, or H2B1a and H2B1b, respectively. The respective empirical formulas are C48H74O14 and C47H72O14, with molecular weights of 875.10 and 861.07, respectively. …"

Enjoy the entire Article.


I also checked for information about Black Walnuts Hulls as an ingredient in Ivermectin but could not find it. What I did learn was that some people used black walnuts or other herbs to kill heartworms in their dogs and others preferred Ivermectin.

The Author of the next article, Dr Mark, is discussing killing heartworms in dogs in this article and does give amounts for the herbs he suggested: Concerning black Walnuts he said:

  1. "Black Walnut Hull: One drop on the food once daily for every ten pounds of body weight. One source suggested giving only one drop the first week, another drop the next week, etc. I read of one dose considerably higher (a full dropper full for an 85-pound dog), and the owner did not report side effects."

Enjoy the entire article.

Replied by Pamela
(Clyde, NC)

I'm so sorry about what you're experiencing. How perfectly awful.

Just a thought... isn't borax alleged to be a good treatment for demodex? Maybe look up borax baths here on EC. Borax is also alleged to be THE definitive solution for nanobots/morgellons, which seems to be cropping up in many, post-jab.

Hope this helps, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Diatomaceous Earth, Activated Charcoal

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Posted by Gloria (Santa Teresa, NM) on 02/05/2021

If we are mandated to take the vaccine for Corona Virus and want to detox our body from all the bad chemicals. What do you recommend?

We were told about Diatomaceous Earth Powder and Activated Charcoal.

If so, does anyone have the protocols for this type of cleansing?

Replied by Cindy

Following this thread as I would like to know too!

Replied by Sherri

Gloria & Cindy (and all EC readers) Please, read this article from Dr Mercola.

There is no way to 'detox' from this jab, as it is not a v@c. The 'bad chemicals' are not the big concern with this jab. It is far worse. The articles I posted in the threads above explain.

Avoid it at all cost.....Take care!


I can't accept that Sherri. I have too many loved ones who have foolishly taken the jab. I now feel that all I can do is to search for an antidote. We all should be searching for it. I do take your point that the heavy metals and chemicals are not the issue...the cellular/genetic manipulation via nanoparticles and mRNA is. I believe it should be possible to remedy even that evil bio-technology with some natural protocol. Could you ask Ted what he thinks about this? I can't just give up hope. What if there is a simple, safe way to strengthen innate natural cellular activity which would make one immune to the "vaccine"?

13 posts

I would say that the bad chemicals are certainly an issue. Stuffing yourself with Vit. C would remove the dangerous of those things, from what I hear, but the other aspects of this fake vaccine - I don't know what to think. There must be SOMETHING out there which will neutralize them. We just haven't discovered this yet.

Forge On!
(Midwest Of Usa)

To Wyandotte---Hope all is well with you! (Sorry to be late to get back to this thread, as I have not been following....)

Yes, I totally agree the chemicals ARE a concern. Always..... However, they are not the PRIME concern with this injection. At least one of the chemicals used in at least 2 of these injections (can not remember name of chem) specifically says on it's safety data sheet that it is NOT for human or vet use! Must be treated as a hazardous waste.

As time has gone on, I know that many protocols have been developed to help people deal much better with the injuries. So thankful for expert humans who really care & have developed these protocols & remedies. Love to all...

13 posts

Thanks for your reply! - Wy.


Please google Dr Ardis discussing apple pectin as a treatment for clearing out vaccine after effects

Replied by Nichole
(Austin, TX)

Hey! So my only advice is to make sure you get the J&J. It's a traditional vaccine and it's the only one in the US (other than AZ) that can be detoxed. mRNA vaccines CANNOT be detoxed.

I received my J&J today. I prepared my body with charcoal, niacin, probiotics, and other vitamins. Post vaccine, my plan is to up activated charcoal and niacin dosage. I put an ice pack on the injection site immediately after the needle came out. Then I put DE paste on the injection site and reapplied the ice pack. I'll be doing cilantro smoothies as well.

Unfortunately, it's the inevitable for healthcare workers. So I took the plunge and quickly grabbed the “one and done”.

Good luck.


I wonder if a castor oil pack over the injection site would help.


Unfortunately, a castor oil pack does not really help at all. See, the packs call forth T11 healing cells to the area. These de-pop shots disperse thru the body (the magnetic cell phone videos shows), proves it moves throughout the body.

In traditional vaccines, about 75% of it remained in the area, where immune cells would go by and pick up the spike protein of the virus, take it to the local draining lymph node, and your immune system goes to work. THIS de-pop shot disperses quickly. And thanks to the luciferase in it, injection sites are glowing under black light. So, no, castor oil Packs wouldn't be too much use, other than at the injection site.

(Asheville, NC)

The J&J "vaccine *also* makes your cells make spike protein. It uses DNA instead of mRNA to do that, but it is still setting up spike protein manufacture in your body. It is NOT "traditional". From what I have heard so far, the Novavax is traditional, as it just injects the spike protein itself, but does not force your cells to make more spikes. Best to wait for the Novavax if you can, and avoid all of them if that is possible for you.

Replied by Paracelsus
(Orlando, FL)
47 posts

I don't get why people don't resist. This violates human rights and the Nuremberg code (passed after the Nazis performed medical experiments on prisoners). Isn't there a single lawyer that will take up the case? You are allowing the government to perform medical experiments on your body with an experimental vaccine that even the inventor of the mRNA vaccine warns against.


The vast majority of the population is thoroughly brainwashed / hynotised / hood-winked / living in a propaganda-induced trance. They are unable to question anything they are told by the mainstream media. They are unable to conceive the idea that they are being continually manipulated and lied to. They are essentially cult victims, yet they think they are free. I realize this sounds fantastical, but unfortunately it is true.


It's called mass psychosis, study it please. How else can things as evil as occurred in Germany in the 1940's be carried out? People are in a freaking coma!

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

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Posted by Robert V. (Southern Ca) on 03/15/2021

Please distribute this important information.Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD virology, independent seasoned, 30+yrs., vaccine researcher, previous SPO at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and SPM at GAVI is urging WHO and world political leaders to immediately halt all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns as there is compelling evidence that they will soon dramatically worsen the consequences of the current pandemic.

"We must halt all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns as a temporary health benefit to the most vulnerable groups does not justify a public health disaster of international concern. It is what any well-trained virologist will tell you:

My advice: Ignore it at your peril. When one follows the science, and nothing but the science, it becomes extremely difficult to not label ongoing mass vaccination campaigns as a crime, not only to public health but also to individual health." (2-minute urgent video from Dr. Bossche)

Letter to the world: "In this agonizing letter I put all of my reputation and credibility at stake. I expect from you, guardians of mankind, at least the same. It is of utmost urgency. " (5-page letter document linked below)

Replied by Tessa

Thank you Robert V. (Southern Ca) -

Now, no one can say they don't have time to watch a 2-minute video!

I saw Geert Vanden Bossche's longer video the other day (42 minutes).

It's an amazing interview. When he talked of his children and grandchildren, you can see how distressed he is.

His credentials are impressive (Freelance Consultant - Vaccine Discovery & Preclinical Research worked for the Gates Foundation, etc.).

Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic - Benefits versus Risks: Interview with Geert Vanden Bossche

In the small city where I live, they tried vaccinating the homeless.

Since 80% of them refused, they are now offering a monetary incentive. Nothing like a bribe .. .

I forwarded Geert Vanden Bossche's videos and PDFs to the Mission.

People need to be aware in order to make an informed decision. It's their right, their body and should be their choice.

Best wishes,


Experimental Vaccine Toxicity

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Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, FL) on 07/02/2021 47 posts

Covid 19 can be prevented by supplementing with vitamins c, d and zinc, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and there is no good reason to volunteer as a guinea pig. Even if you were to get it, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine among other medicines, are effective at treating the virus.

I strongly urge anybody who is thinking about getting jabbed to do serious research on this. Below is a link to a video interview with Dr. McCullough, professor of medicine at Texas A&M.

Death rates are 500x to 1000x higher than death rates from any other vaccine. Also, hundreds of thousands of people have suffered serious injuries to their health. 80% of pregnant women who received the shot lost their babies. It's bad people. Don't fall for the fear mongering regarding covid 19. Don't take the vaccine if you value your health.

Flu Symptoms, UTI, Back Pain

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Posted by Elsie (Fl) on 01/29/2021

Had first moderna Monday the 25, husband had mild aches for one day...I had flu symptoms - low grade fever, aches, but worse was the feeling that I was getting a UTI ...very low down pain over bladder, low low back pain, stomach cramping, can pass gas but only tiny stool one day...and I am always regular daily...went to dr to rule out UTI...don't know till Monday...went to chiropractor today...still periodic cramping..not BM..drinking prune, calm, lemon juice, ate a pear...lots of have headache...Any suggestions on the constipation? (again, I am rarely constipated if at all). Still feeling foggy headed and sluggish...this is the weirdest crap...

I do not want to get the second dose..Am a nurse and even took the ‘pandemic certification for health care professionals'...I wasn't going to do it but was pressured by my husband...All of the employees at dr office just had their second dose and hit brick walls - including the dr who said he wasn't going to do it either...I wonder is the second ‘booster different? Or just another dose same as the first? I think one bout of this virus is enough!

Replied by Katzie

Hi Elsie.

In my family when we are constipated, we make a big bowl of popcorn, smothered in butter, along with a big bottle of water. The fiber in the popcorn and healthy fat from the butter both act to "get things moving along". By the next morning, things are better.! ;) Best of luck!

General Feedback

Posted by JellyH (usa) on 04/14/2024

I've been studying the covid "pandemic" since its inception. No. 1, viruses have never been proven. No. 2, upon multiple requests in writing from Universities and Labs all over the world, no authority was ever able to supply a sample of the "virus" for any institution to study. There were only pictures on a computer. That's it. There was a pandemic of fear propaganda. Everyone who had a sniffle wanted a fake covid test, which naturally said "positive, " and then the protocol at the hospitals were to place a breathing individual on a near-death ventilator, and give them Remdesivir (which is for the purpose of shutting down the kidneys and other organs). So the hospitals practiced genocide, giving the public a false sense of a pandemic. And still the death numbers in 2020 barely tipped the scale, and were close to normal. It wasn't until the deadly heart destroying vaccine did there start being a death crisis. The numbers have never been so steep. Young kids dying in there beds and football fields, because of the "requirement." It is really sickening. So until these facts are acknowledged, all speculation about covid vs covid vaccine vs. heart attacks is null and void. If you start with wrong information, you can't untangle the cause or cure.

Heating Pad

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Posted by Krusty (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 12/03/2021

Synthetic mRNA lives a few hours out of the refrigerator. So using a heating pad, 3 times per day for about a week may be a good idea for obligatory mRNA vaccines. Vaccine mRNA exists in the deltoid muscles for a few days until is all absorbed into the cells. So we must use the thermal pad as soon as possible from the time of vaccination (not when the nurse can still see us).

Fever kills viruses so heating pads on the vaccine site may be also useful for vaccines with adenoviral vector.

There are also portable electric heating pads.

Some ultrasound machines for physiotherapy, transfer heat deep into tissue.

Pycnogenol is good for preventing thrombosis.

There are some studies showing that Stinging Nettle binds with the spike protein of SARS CoV 1.

1 2