Natural Remedies for Foot Corns

Pumice Stone, Change Footwear
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 11/17/2018
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My daughter had a corn on the side of her big toe. At first we treated it like a plantar wart or wart as we had never dealt with a corn and thought it was a wart. But it was only getting larger and worse. Her toe was even swelling some and had redness. Wearing shoes was painful.

She used charcoal poultices overnight for the pain and inflammation for a couple of nights.

We finally decided it was a corn and not a wart. The first thing to do was change her footwear. She wears cheap flats or cowboy boots most of the time. Both were putting pressure on the toe, causing the corn in the first place. We found a pair of comfortable shoes with a large toe box. This brought some immediate relief as the corn was no longer being aggravated.

She started to use a pumice stone on the corn after each shower. We could see improvement daily. She used it gently.

Then it started to look like a scab. She stopped doing anything to it and the large scab came off on its own and now the toe looks normal again.

As a side note, I have learned a few things about feet with my broken baby toe.

Feet and toes need room to spread out! So much footwear restricts the movement of the foot!
I realized that I could wrap my toe and toes with some cohesive tape and as soon as I stood up, the tape was too tight so my toes couldn't do as they were supposed to. When they are squished, corns and even bone deformities can result over time.

I also found that even my little pinky toe is used to fine tune balance.

Tight shoes are not good for you!

Probably barefoot is best, but not practical for most people except at home. I will be making more of an effort to find shoes that do not bind my feet or my children's and allow our feet to do their job better.

~Mama to Many~