Computer Eye Strain Treatment

Decrease Screen Brightness
Posted by Steve (San Diego, Ca) on 09/13/2015

For the last three months I've had increasing eye strain from 'screen' activity. However, I figured out that it is LED backlit screens that are causing the symptoms.

I replaced my desktop's newer LED backlit monitor with an older CCFL (flourescent) and do not get the strain. I do get strain from my smartphone and iPad, both have LED backlighting.

Of course the problem may not be LED lighting itself but other optical layers in the screen design that alter the light.

I'll update this post after additional testing.

Decrease Screen Brightness
Posted by Solomon (Whitefield, Bury, England) on 04/13/2013

Works! Didn't realise until I read this but, yeah, I started lowering my screen brightness to 4 (outof 8)- exactly half.

What to do with your screen brightness is to get paper, ideally from a non-fiction reading book and just compare it with your screen, and lower your screen brightness until it matches the white"ness" and brightness of the paper. That way:

  • No Eye Strain
  • Prevents Long-Term Eye Damage
  • Improves sleep


Decrease Screen Brightness
Posted by Angie (Atlanta, Ga) on 09/29/2010

I found that I was feeling dizzy after being on the computer all day, which would subside after I left work and come back the next day as soon as I got back on the computer. I looked on the net to find answers and I found that if you lower the brightness on your moniter it will help. I lowered mine to zero and haven't had any problems with feeling dizzy since then.