6 Cancer-Fighting Supplements for Colorectal Health

Andrographis and Berberine
Posted by Art (California) on 04/18/2023 1670 posts
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To add further evidence to how certain supplements can have synergy against colorectal cancer (CRC), this new study shows that the combination of Andrographis and Berberine have significantly more anticancer effect in colorectal cancer than either supplement alone :


Here is an important study quote that describes this synergistic effect against CRC :

' Taken together, our data revealed the powerful enhanced synergistic anti-CRC effects of berberine and Andrographis and provide evidence for the combinational targeting of DNA-replication-related genes as a promising new strategy for the therapeutic option in the management of CRC patients. '

Further, the following graph clearly illustrates this synergy at fighting CRC showing a significant reduction of tumor volume as well as tumor weight :

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Both of these supplements have studies to support their anticancer activities, but clearly they are significantly more potent together when it comes to CRC.