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Posted by Eve (Australia) on 03/16/2019

Hi, I've had a chronic cough every since I was in hospital for Crohn's disease over 20 years ago. I had a blood transfusion and am wondering if I may have caught something through the transfusion. I can't seem to beat it. Any insights would be much appreciated. I live in Sydney, Australia.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Hi Eve, you might want to research Astragalus.. Blessings, Charity

Replied by savannah

Getting any blood transfusion could have exposed you to epstein barr virus that will attack and flare up when weak or stressed.

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Posted by Samantha (New York City) on 03/08/2019

Hello All, This is some great natural home remedies here and thank you all for posting your testimonies! I was wondering if smoking marijuana is okay when one has a chronic cough?? Does it make the cough worse or it doesn't matter? Anyone know? Thanks so much guys!

Replied by GertJr
(Madison, AL)

I would think that you are inhaling particulates and that would aggravate the cough. Just my opinion.

Removing Ear Wax

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Posted by Jholl (Louisville, Ky) on 04/04/2017 27 posts

After coughing for a very long time, I finally found the cause: ear wax build up in my right ear. It turns out there is a nerve reflex that can be activated by ear wax buildup. Once I read about it, I immediately cleaned out my ears and cured myself of this annoying issue. This is not widely known, but it should be.

Replied by Jholl
(Louisville, Ky)
27 posts

Since posting this, I found out as we all age, ear wax tends to dry out. This means that impaction of the wax can become more prevalent. I used a combination of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water to clean the ears.

Sea Salt

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/07/2016

I thought that I would mention having some considerable success at using just plain old sea salt and water against a fairly serious build up of phlegm in my lungs that made me cough at night and which continually disturbed my sleep. This has been going on for several months.

I figured that, with such an unusual build up of phlegm and mucus in my lungs, there just had to be an infection involved. This problem wasn't due to a cold or flu, this was something entirely different because only the lungs were affected.

I tried nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide and, at different times, I also nebulized with with either lugol's iodine or potassium iodide in water. None of these regimens worked to get rid of my excessive lung mucus or coughing problem.

Then, two or three days ago, I remembered another pearl from Ted. He advises that just taking sea salt and water will greatly reduce heavy mucus or phlegm build up in the lungs. So I tried it.

Why is Ted always so right? I swear that if there was a Nobel Prize for Medical Honesty then Ted would win it -- hands down -- every time.

Anyway, back to my problem. So, 3 days ago, I took 1/2 level teaspoon of sea salt mixed with a a glass of water. I took this at about 8:00 pm at night. That night, I had the best sleep than I've had in months. No coughing. No mucus.

It's now been three days since I started the sea salt regimen(I now add drops of magnesium oil to the mix as well) and I can now say pretty confidently that I am cured of this annoying problem which has been dogging me for months.

Some more relevant information. Several months ago we had the aircon in our bedroom cleaned. And lo and behold we found a large, dead and festering gecko inside the aircon that was in the air output path. Well, there's the source the lung infecting pathogens for sure. My partner also had a coughing problem, but she got over it after a while but I couldn't get rid of this problem.

Until I took Ted's advice.

I've also read that, before biblical times, there were Ethiopian desert tribes in Africa who truly realized and appreciated the value of salt. To them, salt was life or death. They used to trade and buy natural salt for it's equivalent weight in gold. And I think they had that dead right.

I was so impressed with the effects of sea salt, sea salt is also now part of my night regimen, since I reckon that my average daily salt intake was way too low in the first place and that's not a clever habit for a guy like me living in a hot and humid country like the Philippines.

Replied by Janet

Bill. I agree. The last few years have been "go back" years. I mean go back to Ted's and your advice. Every time I use a remedy from Ted, I have success. If I try something else I usually wind up going right back to his remedies. Amazing body of work he provides. E.C. is the other miracle as we have this information at our fingertips. Your contribution is pretty great too as I get up to go get my sea salt in water I should have started last night.....I was using my ammonia spray from ted. Coughing is mold for me every time. Except this time. Forgetting that basic remedy number 1 is sea salt. Thank you Bill Thompson. Janet

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Janet...Thanks for commenting. Yes, who would think that by just taking sea salt you could cure such an annoying and prolonged lung/mucus problem?

I've just been watching a long video lecture by Dr Joel Wallach. It's here. That man is simply overflowing with common sense. He is also a qualified vet and most of his advice comes from his own experience as both a vet and as a research pathologist. It's also quite poignant that in America, farmers cannot get medical insurance for their animals. So whenever a vet comes to look at your sick prize breeding bull, that vet better cure the bull -- he had better perform -- else the farmer will not be impressed and that vet will get a bad rep and no more business. With medical doctors who treat humans, the approach seems to be entirely different. Just treat the symptoms with drugs -- a cure doesn't usually even come into the equation -- that's what they always do. Perhaps the lesson here is that if the allopathic doctors are not able to cure what ails you with their drugs and your not happy with this then perhaps you should just ask a vet what ails you because vets seem to be more honest, more clued up on diet and much more capable at finding cures.

Thyme in Lemon Water

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Posted by Sam Allison (Norwich) on 06/03/2021

Chronic Cough:

Thyme in lemon water can help a cough. Also, we do a steam inhalation with thyme sea salt or pink salt and mint and find that helps.

Vapor Rub

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Posted by Diamond (Ma., US) on 02/21/2015

I don't want to step on any one's great remedies but I would like to share one option for chronic coughs. I put vicks vapor rub on the bottom of both feet before going to bed, then put socks on. The most and largest pores we have are the feet and the hands. I feel any thing is better than taking conventional meds. or suffering with much pain.

Replied by Veena
(Denver, Colorado)

I used this remedy for my children when they were still babies for coughs and colds.

Vapor Rub
Posted by Adrienne (Va) on 01/15/2015

A remedy I used when I was pregnant (since there's not much you can take) was rubbing Amish Origins (a version of Vicks Vapo Rub) on the soles of my feet and covering them with thick, warm socks. I could get a decent night's sleep when I did that. I do this with my 20 month old as well when she has a cough, but I use Matey's baby chest rub instead since the Amish Origins is a bit strong. Elderberry syrup works well too.

Vitamin D3

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Posted by Debbie (South Bend, IN) on 02/17/2009

In reference to the cough...I have a friend here at work, age 58 who had been suffering from a bacterial respiratory infection since April of 2008. We work of different floors and I hadn't seen her in a while until she stopped into my office in the middle of January (Tues 1/13) of this year. She was still very, very ill. Whenever she tried to talk she would cough. It was bad.

I suggested she do the Vitamin D3 treatment....50,000 ius on the first day followed by 10,000 ius each day for a week and then 50,000 more for the following 2 weeks plus the daily 10,000. Guess what. She is cured. She had been on antibiotics and everything imaginable to get rid of this. She was sick for over 8 months.

Not only is her respiratory infection gone but she told me that she is no longer depressed and she has a great outlook on life again. Mind you, when I saw Cindy in January her skin was gray and she couldn't talk without coughing. Today looks completely healthy. I just went upstairs on a errand and I saw her in the classroom with students and the teacher she assists and she was laughing and healthy for the first time in almost a year. Vitamin D is an amazing thing.

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