Chronic Cough Remedies

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Myway (Delaware, Usa) on 01/21/2015

My coughing is related to allergy/cold induced asthma so, my efforts to use natural remedies lead me to black seed oil (nigella sativa). I take 1 tsp in the am and one tsp in the pm. It tastes pretty icky so wash it down with some juice. I just take it and drink a glass of water afterwards. No coughing or congestion at all. Because I take this remedy to control my asthma symptoms, I take it every day - and because of it's immune system support, will take it the rest of my life. The first couple of days using it, I had some detox symptoms - phlegm, blowing nose, wake up with headaches but now, my sinuses are clear, no coughing, decreased asthma symptoms (I use Bill Munroe's H202 therapy as my asthma as needed protocol).....I get the black seed oil that is organic and cold pressed off of the "big A." Amazing oil.