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Avoid Gluten
Posted by Gs In Va (Richmond, Va) on 06/16/2011
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On 05/24/2011: Mj from Ny wrote: "steve--i know your post was over a year ago, but if you're reading this--try going gluten-free. gluten can produce arthritis pain (severe) and canker sores and many many other horrible symptoms."

I read Steve's post about the canker sores and totally thought about Gluten. I learned I was Gluten Intolerant in Oct 2009. I had read on Celiac dot com that canker sores will go away after going gluten free and I was like " yeah right" because I have had them ALL MY LIFE. If I eat anything that nicks my cheek or gum, a huge painful canker sore would appear and take 2 weeks or more to go away. I was buying Kanka all the time to help ease the pain. If I bit my cheek, same thing would happen.

After going Gluten Free I have not had a single canker sore, since 2009. I've nicked my cheek, bit my cheek, all by accident and a little cut would be there from it and be gone over night... Never ever turns into a canker sore. I am proof and I've told my entire family and friends. Amazing!