Callus Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Casy (Ocala, Florida) on 07/22/2015

I got bad blood blisters on 4 toes and calluses on the bottom of my feet from a long hike in the summer sun. I soaked my toes in epsom salt and warm water but it didn't help much. So I went to the doctor. She gave me a cream that I had an allergic reaction to.. so I turned to natural remedies.. which I usually end up doing.

I used ACV soaked in a cotton ball for each of my callused feet, taped it on overnight and in the am washed them used a pumice stone and put olive oil or coconut oil on the callused area.. healing nicely now. Unfortunately the toes are loosing the nails one at a time, very upsetting.. I am going to try ACV on cotton balls taped to the toe area overnight and hope for good results. I am beside myself, had nice toe nails for summer got pedicures now just disgusted. No more summer hikes for me.. I'll be happy when my painful feet heal and I can take long walks.