Treating Bulimia with Natural Cures

Water and Flax Seed
Posted by Shannon (Glen Burnie, Maryland) on 10/01/2007

I was bulimic for ten years. I severly messed up my stomach and colon. I was taking mass amounts of laxatives and have been severly constipated. My solution is drinking 8-10 cups of water (works better than any prescribed laxative) and I eat flaxseed meal on my yogurt. I also have eliminated fats because it's the hardest thing to digest and i get violent muscle spasms after I eat it. I also eat no flour and sugar because I have a food addiction. I also have to excercise because it stimulates the colon and helps to relieve constipation. My only problem now is my chronic fatigue. I still am so weak some days- even after 2 1/2 years of not binging and purging and I don't know why I still so weak.