Treating Bulimia with Natural Cures

Supplements, Massage
Posted by Jules (London, UK) on 07/17/2009

I have suffered with bulimia for 15 years, I have kept this a secret from nearly everyone. It has only been recently that I have recognised the need for help and told my doctor. I do not believe in Western medicine for many reasons and choose a holistic route to my health.

I take iodine in the form of kelp tablets to assist with chronic fatigue, I also take 50mg of zinc and 1000mg of vit c per day. I drink 2 litres of water and try not to use sweeteners as they are so destructive. I use sea salt on my food to give me potassium, without the requisite levels of salt (not processed) in your system you cant absorb water, however much you drink.

My parter practises Bowen therapy and this has done wonders for me, and has made me really want to give my disgusting habit up. I also use a bioptron lamp on my neck twice a day to assist the damage done and to improve the functioning of my thyroid. Have yours tested as it is probably underactive; leading to more horrible symptoms. Rubbing sea salt into your scalp will help with hair loss and dry hair, as does treating your hair with olive oil (cold pressed) as a hair mask.

Finally eat lots of protein to help your system rebuild and stay away from white sugar, it is evil and poisons your system. I hope some of this helps.