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Posted by Simran99 (Singapore) on 10/16/2011
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What and when it happened: I was plagued with blood in my stool almost continously for 2 weeks.

How it happened: Was feeling constipated for a week already. Usually I have bowel movements daily in the morning. There had been 2 days this week that I haven't gone for 2 days in a row. Then I had a single episode of severe constipation where the stool was very very dry and borderline impossible to evacuate. Ever since that ONE super dry bowel movement, I realized I had pain in my anal area (feels like the outside region, outer skin), so I thought it may be either a hemmorid or anal fissure, not sure which one.

More details: There was fresh red blood (sometimes dripping) each time I had a bowel movement accompanied by pain when having a bowel movement. The pain scared me each time I went to the toilet. Went to the doctor after freaking out, doctor would not give hemmoroid medicine without putting a scope up my rear end (which I declined).

Medicines I tried: Lactulose. This medicine softened the stool effectively and made for easy evacuation but didn't cure the blood in stool or the pain problem, albeit the pain was lessened. Tried this for a week and gave up. Stopped this and got constipated again.

Other stuff I tried: Psyllium husk. That didn't work. Then tried the Salt Water Flush. The flush worked as intended but made no difference to my condition. Also tried Vitagen. Didn't work. Then tried Yakult, didn't work either. When doing this, I avoided white flour or products made from them. Not working, concluded high fiber, salt water flush and probiotics are not the solution.

What WORKED (within 2 weeks) : By chance I had to go home for the semester break and being at home I got some really healthy food, unlike the shop food I had to eat when outside (no choice). My mom put me on a raw food diet (mostly FRUITS, local fruits). And within 1 week I realized there was no pain or blood when having a bowel movement. Within one-and-half weeks, I realized I was totally cured from this thing.

Results: I knew I was cured because bowel transit time was significantly reduced to around 12 hours (measured later by intake of okra, the seeds, after being cured). I was sometimes having 2 bowel movements a day!!! Yes, I was taken by surprise. :-) The stool was as soft as colgate. No pain, no blood. (and remains the same today, eating normally (unhealthy etc. ), 2 months after curing myself)

Details of the cure: Note that I am a vegetarian so I don't eat meat, eggs or fish or their products. When doing the cure, I eliminated ALL processed foods. If its not raw and FRESH (exception for tea), It doesn't get past my mouth. Simple as that.

Morning Food: One red apple, one green apple, one pear, one orange, 3 small bananas, and occasionally a whole guava (get the super soft, super ripe one, specifics: "green apple guava"). Do this for breakfast and you will get bowel movements within the same hour. This pattern becomes consistent after a week.

Afternoon: 1/5th of a Papaya 1/5th of a pineapple 2 red tomatoes half a guava.

Tea time: 1 cup Green Black Tea Combo, 2 cups of green juice (made of water a bit of each-> cabbage chinese parsley super very little leeks (strong taste) kale celery). Drink slowly based on how much liquid you can tolerate. I can finish the whole thing in one go.

Dinner time: Green juice (like tea time) again. Then food like afternoon (replace the guava with a mango).

Do this for 2 weeks...... And that's how you PERMANENTLY cure a bleeding anus. :-)

Side Effects: If you have constipation, it will be cured. Do not do this if you want to remain constipated.

Raw Fruits
Posted by Susan (USA)
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10/16/2011: Simran99 from Singapore replies: "Note: Methods That Actually Worked in Helping Ease Pain from the Anal Bleeding before it was completely cured: Changing the toilet seating position from my usual squatting position to SITTING on the toilet with the legs extended in front and spine tilted backwards. This really helped in evacuation and significantly reduced the pain felt during.

The squatting position is the worst position to use when having a bleeding anus. It causes the fresh red blood to drip quite a lot for some reason accompanied with severe pain. The seated position mentioned above significantly reduces the dripping blood as well as the pain.

Another hint that I was cured was that firstly, the pain in the special seated position became from very less to non-existent. Only then I dared to try my usual squatting position, due to the severe pain and bleeding that usually accompanied it.

When the first time I tried squatting, there was very little pain but NO BLEEDING (unlike the usual severe pain and bleeding). By the next day, whatever little pain in the squatting position I had became non-existent. All of this while I was on the RAW fruits diet. The ability to go back to my usual squatting position without any pain or bleeding was the final sign that whatever I had was COMPLETELY cured.

I got the the "special-seating" information from an earlier post in EarthClinic. Thanks guys!

Probable cause of the severe constipation: Over-Consumption of Almonds. Was eating them like snacks. Only later realized that many people get constipated by over-eating them. I was doing this for a week already before the bleeding episode. Stopped when I found out.